Part 5: On The Cutting Edge

Several of the titles listed above are trying new concepts and ideas, however this list is compiled of a few that are going above and beyond to change the face of MMO Gaming.

Albion Online

Sandbox Interactive GmbH

On the bleeding edge of MMO concepts, Albion Online in experimenting with the ultimate design for player connectivity. Sandbox Interactive has created Albion Online as a PvP and Crafting MMO that features a three faction war and a wealth of territories and resources to fight over.

What makes Albion Online unique is, it allows players to walk away from their PC and grab their tablet to continue their adventure. It runs on Mac, Windows, Linux and Android with all players playing on the same master server.

If they succeed we likely will see dozens if not hundreds of clones popping up for years to come. Could they be onto the next evolution of MMO technology? Only time will tell. Albion Online is in their final beta stage set to launch early 2017.

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Shards Online

Citadel Studios

Citadel Studios has been hard at work at not only building a MMO, but also building a framework that players can create their own worlds, rulesets, and import their own art and models into their game. It’s 2 parts MMORPG, and 1 part game creator.

Players can host their own shard on their own server and connect it to the Shards Universe. Each shard can create their own ruleset, play style and story. Anyone that is big on modding, you know who you are Neverwinter Nights mod junkie, is going to love this game. Your adventure potential is endless and as we’ve seen with games like Skyrim, Unreal Tournament, and Quake, if you give players the ability to create, you will not be disappointed by what is created.

The base game captures a modernized approach towards games like Lineage or Ultima Online. It features PvP, crafting, and lots and lots of slaying monsters. You can tame animals, create your own homestead and even explore the catacomb dungeon that changes configurations every few hours.

This is one we’ve been watching for quite a while and look forward to seeing it’s release in 2017.

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