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Gaiscioch Magazine is a volunteer driven, no-profit, gaming community magazine aimed at game developers, community managers, and players. It features exclusive interviews, feature stories, guides, perspectives, reviews, previews, and short stories from the Gaiscioch Community.

Our team is comprised entirely of Gaiscioch Social Gaming Community members looking to expand their professional skills and volunteer their time. It is our mission to bring you fresh perspectives from gamers around the globe about the games you play and the challenges you face.

Over the life of our publication, we featured exclusive interviews from some of brightest minds in gaming, art and music. Our feature interviews includes world renown game developers Mark Jacobs, Matt Firor, Scott Hartsman, Derek Brinkmann, Colin Johanson, J. Todd Coleman, Chris Perkins and American McGee. We also had the opportunity to interview some of our favorite artists including musicians Ivan Torrent, R. Armando Morabito, Maclaine Diemer, Lyubomir Yordanov as well as digital artists Cris Ortega, Tirzah Bauer and Carlos E. Quevedo.




Our editorial focus is unique in approach as we focus on the full spectrum of a gamers life. Not just in the games we play, but also in our lives out of game as well. Words of inspiration lace our digital publication. We feature music, movies, athletics, charity involvement, life perspectives and real world tradecraft including cooking, arts, crafts and business resources.

We at Gaiscioch Magazine believe that passionate people write the best articles. Since our team is 100% volunteer driven, we choose not to write about things we do not enjoy. If we don't feel the game meets our interests we simply won't write about it. Our goal is to provide a service to our audience. We feel using volunteer time to write negative articles is a disservice to our team and the game studios who poured their lives into their games.

This belief keeps Gaiscioch Magazine focused on the positive and allows us to focus on our passion for games we love. We want to provide the best possible experience for gamers and developers.

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No Solicitors Please. We respect your time and and do not wish for you to waste it on us. Gaiscioch Magazine is a Volunteer driven publication funded by the Gaiscioch Community and does not accept any monetary donation, or income of any kind. It is done purely for the love of gaming. Before you contact us trying to sell us something, realize unless it's free, even if we wanted to use your product, we couldn't afford it.

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