Part 4: To Infinity and Beyond

Sci-fi games are making a massive surge as well in 2017. There are many space exploration titles that are joining Elite Dangerous and EVE Online in the MMO Scene.

Star Citizen

Roberts Space Industries


The word Ambitious is a vast understatement when it comes to Roberts Space Industries’ Star Citizen. In one of crowdfundings biggest successes in history, this title has crowdfunded more than 138 million us dollars. With those kind of funds being raised, the bar has been set really high.

Star Citizen has a lot to live up to. It is a full featured space exploration and conquest MMO that will have players traveling to the far reaches of the galaxy. This title blends 3rd person space exploration with 1st person shooter gameplay. Many have referred to it as a Mass Effect style MMO with deep roots in the Wing Commander series.

The reason we’ve been watching this one so closely is, because it is being setup to be one of the most ambitious games to be developed this century. It has a lot to gain, and a tremendous amount to lose. It will go down in history regardless, if it succeeds or fails and the long term effects of it’s success or failure will be felt by the crowdfunding community.

We will be keeping a close eye on this one and hope it can live up to the expectations of the fan base. It is setup to be one of the most historical releases in gaming history.

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Worlds Adrift

Bossa Studios

Bossa Studios, the studio behind fan favorites Surgeon Simulator and I am Bread has been hard at work creating a MMO Sandbox Space Exploration game called Worlds Adrift. Like many sandbox MMOs, Worlds Adrift presents a reactive world that changes around players actions.

A great example of this is if you were to defeat a enemy ship, it’s destroyed remains would crash into the planet below and slowly rust over time. Players can then salvage the ship and use the remains to build new ships.

This is just one of the really unique features that caught our attention. This title features airships, an in depth crafting system, and a freeform gaming experience that doesn’t require players to earn exp and chase the endless FedEx questline. Players progress by accumulating knowledge and the game even enables players to create their own adventure.

While Worlds Adrift doesn’t have space exploration, it does have a limitless world you will explore. The planet is procedurally generated and generated through player creations. Instead of space you travel the limitless skies. It’s essentially a universe in a single world.

Be sure to keep an eye on this one. Bossa Studios is well known for bringing the sleeper hit to market and I wouldn’t underestimate the success of Worlds Adrift.

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Dual Universe


I had a brief look at this title back at PAX West in Seattle, WA this past year. This is a space exploration and creation MMO that gives the power to the player.

Players can create everything from spaceships, space stations, to fortifications on distant worlds. You can even use your creativity to create space ships then sell them on the open market to turn a profit for your designs.

Dual Universe puts a heavy focus on exploration and conquest. Resources will be limited and many times you will either have to use politics to acquire the resources you need or lay siege to enemy fortifications to capture the prime real estate that has the materials you need.

This one is definitely one of our top 3 Space Exploration games coming in 2017. We will be keeping a close eye on this one.

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