Part 3: A Return to Classic MMORPG Thinking

Many of us miss the glory days of MMORPG’s. Back when dragons slayed us, loot was earned not given, and there were consequences for failure. These titles seek to bring back that classic feeling.

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen

Visionary Realms

We’re you a fan of the original Everquest? Did you love the feeling of grouping up with some friends to seek out the depths of the deepest dungeon, slay the fiercest monsters. The camaraderie that came from sharing adventures with friends.

Pantheon Rise of the Fallen seeks to bring party combat back into the focus. This game actually puts a heavy focus on group combat and is not being designed to be solo friendly. Most tasks will require a group. Thus they have gone to great lengths to ensure grouping is easy and natural.

What they hope to create is a new social experience that is rooted in the core mechanics that made MMORPGs popular in the first place.

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Project Gorgon


This title seeks to bring back some of the classic adventuring feelings while trailblazing a new frontiers. There’s plenty of reminiscing old school content within this innovative title. It’s a blend of old and new that has been in development for quite a while by a small team of passionate developers. It has popped up on various crowdfunding sites and has been predominantly funded by it’s developers and fans of the game.

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Wild Terra

Juvty Worlds Ltd.

Were you a fan of Ultima Online? Wild Terra brings back the classic approach toward MMORPGs. It is a massively multiplayer life simulator where you will engage in castle sieges, survive harsh environments and be a part in a living world.

The game is based on 4 main pillars. Freedom, Survival, Creation, and War. The world is dictated by the players within it. From rules and environments, all pieces of the game are forged by players. Survival is key in this game as you will be hunting, taming, and doing everything in your power not to starve to death. Players will engage in a robust crafting system and build everything from household items to towering fortresses. Players can build villages and castles anywhere in the world. Lastly, the clan war pits clans against each other in an all out battle for supremacy.

This title has a lot of promise to capture that classic MMO feel while bringing newer MMO concepts into the fold. It will be interesting to keep an eye on this one and see where it goes.

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Published: December 30th, 2016   |  6,332 Reads

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