Conqueror's Blade Pre-Season Update Preview & Patch Notes

If you've been playing Conqueror's Blade, you've likely heard about the Pre-Season Update coming September 5th. This patch vastly overhauls the UI, adds more plot and story elements along with fresh cut scenes. It also brings Doctrines to the game which can be applied to your units to give them new battlefield abilities. We've taken the time to take a deep dive into the new patch and show you around. Check out our livestream below for a quick peek at what's in store with the launch of the Pre-Season Update.


Full Patch Notes:


A Doctrine is an item that can be applied to your units (via the U interface) to provide them with powerful battlefield abilities, these can be acquired through the new War Scholar interface. Units can only have up to five active Doctrine at a time. By replacing one, an old Doctrine is permanently lost. Unwanted Doctrines can be dismantled for a chance of getting new ones through the War Scholar interface.


A Signaculum is an item that gives a 5% discount to the Honour cost of unlocking a random unit. Up to 20 can be used (by right-clicking or via the Unit screen - press U) to reduce the Honour cost to zero. There are two types of Signacula, blank and unit-specific, which can be obtained via the new War Scholar interface.

War Scholar

The War Scholar is a new NPC located in capital cities, accessible to level 12 Warlords and above. The War Scholar interface can also be accessed by pressing X. The War Scholar is able to seek out Signacula (to reduce the Honour cost of unlocking new units) at the cost of one Battle Relic, and Doctrines (used to increase a unit's abilities), at the cost of one Treatise.

Warlord Gender Unlock

Weapon types are no longer restricted by your character's gender. Male and female characters can now use all weapon types. The following content has been added:

  • Female Spears
  • Female Poleaxes
  • Female Longbows
  • Male Dual Blades
  • Male Shortbows

Activities Interface:

The Activities system is divided into the Activities, Daily Sign-In, and Announcements tabs.

  • When there are new activities or announcements, a yellow exclamation mark will appear in the Activity system shortcut, Activity/Announcements interface, and the New Events/Announcements tab bar.
  • When a reward can be claimed from activities, a yellow exclamation mark will appear in the Activity system shortcut, Activity interface, and the Events/Announcements tab bar.

New quest conversation style:

  • You can press F to open the NPC menu and click the option button to start the conversation.
  • After starting the conversation, click the left mouse button to continue to the next page. Quest menu will pop up once conversation is complete.

Tutorial Stage

  • Addition: Siege battle tutorial stage has been added. New accounts will enter this stage by default when they enter the game. They will use the system's preset heroes and units to try out a siege battle and will begin the character creation process after the stage. Old accounts will be able to choose whether to enter this stage when creating a new character.
  • Change: Weapon Training stage process has been modified. All weapon types can now be tested in the stage. First weapon will be unlocked upon leaving the stage.
  • Addition: Training Site tutorial stage has been added, replacing the original Hard Taskmaster stage. New stages have richer tutorial content and clearer steps. Supply Point and Unit Skill tutorials have been improved.
  • Change: Aside from the Training Site, all tutorial stages will no longer provide preset units. Players will use their own units in these battles.

Bot System

  • Bots have been improved to act in a more human way: they now have the same movement speed as players and will sprint to achieve nearby objectives. They can also ride mounts and ranged hero bots have been added.
  • The level of bots is randomised, but will not deviate more than 10% from the average of all players in the current game. Similarly, a bots weapon will be selected to ensure a parity of weapon distribution among all players.
  • Similar to a hero’s Leadership value, bots have a Control Value which is reduced as new units are deployed. This is to ensure bots are not able to spawn unlimited units during a match.   

Matched Stages

  • Change: Field Battle (8v8) mode can now have bots.
    • When the battle starts and the number of players on either side is fewer than 8, bot heroes will take the place of missing players.
  • Change: AI Battle (5v5) mode can now have bots.
    • A team without any players will automatically get 5 bots.
    • When a team has fewer than 5 players, bot heroes will take the place of missing players.
  • Addition: All PvP stages now have a spawn point protection mechanism. An area has been added around spawn points in which neither friendly heroes nor units can take damage.
  • Change: Preset artillery has been adjusted in Siege Battle stages.
    • Augolia
      • Due to the range change, the mortars on the attacking side's flanks have been replaced with culverins and three flaming pitches have been added to the center to compensate for the loss in firepower.
    • Harbour City
      • Due to low efficacy, the grapeshot cannons on the flanks of the capital have been replaced with flaming arrow launchers.
    • Wall Fort
      • Due to low efficacy, the grapeshot cannons in the upper part of the capital and along the roadsides have been replaced with flaming arrow launchers.
    • Dasuo Fort
      • Due to low efficacy, the grapeshot cannons in the upper part of the capital have been replaced with flaming arrow launchers.
  • Change: Frontier Camp (Siege) Map Adjustments
    • Attacker to defender ratio has been changed to 9:7.
    • Fief flags have been changed to A/B points + main base, increasing attacker and defender strategic options.
    • Adjusted artillery placement and strengthened rampart's battle charge.
    • Max hero respawn time has been reduced to 70 seconds.
  • Siege of Eagle Pass (III)
    • Lowered the difficulty
    • Decreased the numbers of high tier units
    • Decreased the rate of fire arrow of high tier archer units
    • Decreased the health points of the Boss.
  • Siege of Augolia: 
    • The inner gate is now open by default.
  • Siege of Frontier Camp:
    • Increased the defaulting level lasting time from 6min to 7min.
    • Increased the time reward for capturing a point from 90s to 2min.
  • Desert City Defence PVE:
    • Nerfed the level of Hornet .
    • Adjusted the number of high tier units.

World Stages

  • Change: Battering ram's self-destruct function has been turned off in world stages in order to maximize the value of player's self-constructed artillery.
  • Change: Territory War fief defender bots can now ride mounts in battle.
  • Change: Rebel bot heroes have been weakened. Levels 1-70 heroes now have 31,000-56,000 health.
  • Addition: Random maps have been added to pursuit stages. Two different scene maps have been added to each type of topography (3 in total).

Borderlands Adjustments:

Added 4 Trade Colonies inside the Borderlands:

  • Old Prospect: :Located in the top left corner.
  • No-Man’s Town: Located in the top right corner.
  • Shaman’s Hill: Located in the middle.
  • King’s Valley: Located in the bottom.

Score System

The score system has been refined to better tally together your results based on your battle points, round points and outcome points. We will release an article fully detailing how this system functions in the near future.

Score Calculation

Score Factors

  • The higher your score, the more Bronze Coins, Honour, Hero XP, and Unit XP you will get. At the same time, we have reduced the impact of the original influencing factors by 50%.
  • Original influencing factors include: soldier kills, hero kills, assists, flag captures, and battle outcome.
  • Overall, battle rewards are basically the same as before, with slight improvements.
  • (However, some gameplay modes have seen minor reductions in rewards.)
  • Time Acquired XP Coefficient Adjustment
  • Time Acquired XP Coefficient has been adjusted from 50% to 30%.
  • Reward Calculation Optimization
  • Hideout, Expedition, and Territory War rewards have been increased.
  • Your feedback indicated that rewards for these three modes were previously too low.

New Items in the In-Game Store

Cross-region Migration Tokens: Use this item to move your camp across regions. Cooldown is 72 hours.

Estimated market price: 500 Sovereigns

Currency Limit

In order to protect the safety of your currency, we have set a limit to the amount of Bronze Coins, Silver Coins, and Honour that can be accumulated. Once you reach the limit, you cannot collect any more of the currency. Normal players will not hit this limit.

Bronze Coins: 50,000,000

Silver Coins: 50,000,000

Honour: 200,000

Unit Supply

The Bronze price of Unit Kits has been decreased.

Ironman mode has been changed so that there is no longer loss to unit kits and unit deaths. Leadership requirements have also been removed from this mode and the extra honour reward has been removed so rewarding is the same as normal matchmaking.

Reconditioning System

A new system allowing you to recondition equipment to help with the loss of equipment durability.

Rules for reconditioning:

  • Only crafted equipment is allowed to be reconditioned
  • Requires the same amount of materials and blueprints
  • Will reset the upper limit of durability of the equipment 
  • Will give the equipment new random stats but you have the option to keep the previous stats.

Eagle Eyes system:

When in a battle, you can enable the Eagle Eyes by pressing hotkey “Z”.


  • You can see the locations of allied Warlords, allied units and enemies in your allies’ sight. You could also check the terrain of the whole map.
  • You can use the left click of the mouse to enable auto pathfinding for your character.
  • You can also send default messages to your allies by using right click of the mouse.

Strategist Mode:

A battle supervising system was added to Territory Wars to help give houses and commanders an overview of what battles are taking place.

Main features?

  • The house leaders, vice leaders and commanders can watch and instruct the battle through this system by pressing open world map, Hotkey “M”
  • The supervisor has the authority to retreat his allies from the battle at anytime.
  • In the battlefield the supervisor can inspire the allies or provoke the enemies by sending system default short messages.
  • During the battle, for both sides, at most 3 supervisors are allowed to supervise the battle at the same time.

New Position for Houses: Marshal

Rights and Duties of Marshal:

  • Can use prestige to build open world camps
  • Can force retreat house members who are not commanders
  • Can do the supervise in territory war.
  • Slots: 4

Territory War: Multiple Battle Lines

Battle lines adjustment of fief?

  • Village: 1 battle line
  • City: 2 battle lines
  • Fort: 3 battle lines

Winning/losing conditions

Rules for the cities with only one battle line do not change. Cities with more than one battle line is regarded as conquered if any of the battle lines is conquered.

City Ownership

The ownership of the city is decided on the contribution during battle. Houses with the highest contribution own the city. When multiple fronts exist, contributions of each battle line will be added and then ranked.

Leadership now restricts the amounts of units you can carry into the open world.

Open-world Visual Update

  • Added house flag to hero models in open world
  • Added unit flag to unit models in open world

Unit Flag Cosmetics

We have added several new unit flags to in-game Sovereign shop under Attires - Units.

Honour Gain Adjustments

Only honour awarded from battle settlements will be calculated into your Honour weekly cap. Daily quests, weekly quests, fief quests, secret vaults, and Honour reward items will not be included.

When you reach the Honour weekly cap, your Honour rewards from battle settlement will be converted into Bronze according to a certain ratio which is currently 1 honour to 3 bronze.

Ironman Mode adjustments:

  • Removed the leadership restriction but you can only carry 5 units into one game.
  • Removed unit kit loss and unit death.
  • 100% chance to obtain Secret Vaults
  • Adjusted the honour gain in ironman mode to be the same as normal match-making.

Resource Collecting system:

You can continue to collect resources from the place where the resource points already exhausted using an extraction token but production will be halved.

Friend System changes:

  • After you send a friend request, the receiver can decide on whether to accept or refuse.
  • Added a switch to refuse all friend requests. If you turn this switch on, no one can add you to their friend lists.
  • (Please note: If player A and B added each other to their friend list they will stay as friends after this update. If A add B to his friend list but B didn’t then B will be canceled from A’s friend list and waiting for B to accept his friend request) 

Leadership adjustment:

Decreased leadership requirements for multiple units.

System Optimizations

M-key Map

  • Added a colour block option to display national territories.
    • Power recognition range has been increased on the map.
    • In Influence Status mode, safe zones and allied zones are blue. Your area is green. Unoccupied territory is grey. Other colours are randomly chosen from various warm tones.
    • In Diplomacy Relationship mode, safe zones and allied zones are blue. Your area is green. Neutral territory is white. Enemy territory is red. Unoccupied territory is grey.
  • Unoccupied areas within territories are assigned to the fief's territory range.
    • Fief territories have been optimized so that there will be no more regionless blanks in territories.


  • The main interface's minimap has been moved from the upper right hand corner to the lower right.


  • The chat window has been moved from the lower right to the lower-left corner.
  • Battlefield chat window has been recreated, highlighting new messages and reducing interfering battlefield messages.
  • Block channel settings have been added to combat.
    • You can block messages unrelated to battlefields.
  • Channels can be manually added to the chatbox display.
  • Players lower than Level 20 cannot send messages in the World chat channel and the Announce channel.
  • Announce messages are blocked in the novice camp.

Buy or Sell at the Market

  • Item Market allows interface to be opened with shortcuts. Purchase, sell, and removal actions can be performed. You no longer need to go through the Market NPC to perform these actions.
  • Resource Market allows interface to be opened with shortcuts. Purchase and removal actions can be performed anywhere. Selling function can be performed from the fief interaction menu while in a market fief.
  • When purchasing resources remotely, a 48-hour deposit slip will be created. You must go to the fief to claim them.
  • Seller's nickname is no longer shown in the item information.
  • During item trading, the materials tab has been split into two tabs - Hero Forging Pieces and Artillery Components.
  • Resource trading can be performed at Level 10 instead of Level 15.

Suggested Price Update

Some Item Suggested Prices Have Been Removed

Some suggested price restrictions for purple and orange artillery have been removed. 

Altogether this affects eight artillery:

  • Flaming Comet
  • Well-Made Flaming Comet
  • Catapult
  • Siege Ballista
  • Well-Made Siege Ballista
  • War Rockets
  • Well-Made War Rockets
  • Great Bombard

Artillery Fragment Suggested Price Increase

An artillery fragment exchange function has been added. Some artillery fragments are now tradeable.

Green artillery fragments have a suggested price minimum of 500 and a maximum of 1,000.

Blue artillery fragments have a suggested price minimum of 1,000 and a maximum of 3,000.


  • Added the ability to add friends using character ID.
  • Added friend verification function. After a friend sends an application, the applicant can view the applicant information in the application interface. If the application is rejected, the friend will not be added. If the application is approved, the friend will be added.
  • After sending a friend request, you can revoke the request in the My Applications menu.


  • Group member markers have been moved to the upper right corner of the screen.


  • Heroic animation has been redrawn. Exit pop-up notification has been moved to the center of the screen.


  • House announcements have been moved to the main house interface.
  • Application list button has been moved from the house management interface to the main house interface.
  • Tax management has been moved from the house management interface to the main house interface.
  • Restriction on joining a house after leaving one has been changed to a 24-hour restriction on joining a house after leaving one.

Epaulet Visualisation Changes:

  • Your levels are now displayed on their epaulet.
    • Actual level will be displayed for players lower than Level 60.
    • For players above Level 60, "Level 60+" will be displayed.
    • Only the P interface will display your true level. Epaulets will also be shown there.
  • Epaulets are currently divided into 6 qualities. From lowest to highest, they are: white, green, blue, purple, orange, and gold.
  • Every quality has 10 states from one point to five bars.
    • Characters start at Level 1.
    • Status changes once every 10 levels from Levels 60-159.
    • Status changes once every 20 levels from Levels 160-359.
    • Status changes once every 50 levels from Levels 360-1359.
    • Status changes once every 100 levels after Level 1360.


  • Normal rebels are now triggered by you clicking on them.
    • This will help avoid the problem of rebels interrupting your activity too frequently.
  • Normal rebels no longer demand money from you. Instead, you can ask them to leave behind their stolen loot.
  • The range of rebel pursuit has been greatly reduced.
    • The previous red-name rebel pursuit range was too large. Now it is easier to avoid them, given that their pursuit range has been reduced.
  • Rebels now drop rations.
    • This increases the frequency at which you can replenish rations in the world.

Supply Dump

  • Supply dump can now be remotely viewed from the backpack interface.
    • Though you can view the supply dump, they cannot perform any other operations remotely.

Resource Collection

  • When the resource site is depleted, you can still use items force collection, but resources produced is reduced by 50%.
  • World resource sites support dynamic pathfinding. You will no longer pass through the resource point model when walking in the world.

Attire Sets:

  • When you have a full set of attire, you can now directly switch to the full set.

Your Camp

  • Original granary, artillery building base, and infirmary have been integrated and modified as a self-built fief: Field Camp.
  • Field Camp intro:
    • Functions include healing units, resupplying rations, purchasing artillery, and producing large siege artillery.
    • Building a Field Camp requires spending 1,000 House Prestige.
    • Only lieges, seneschals, and finance ministers can build or destroy Field Camps.
    • Producing large siege artillery now costs Prestige. Siege Towers cost 250 Prestige, Battering Rams cost 200 Prestige, and Battering Rams cost 150 Prestige.
    • Only lieges, seneschals, and finance ministers can build large siege artillery.
  • Self-built fief creation, interaction, and appearance of self-built fief in the world have been modified.


  • Movement speed is no longer reduced when rations are depleted.
  • You can still fight when rations are depleted.
  • When rations are depleted, the unit will deal less damage and take more. This effect remains the same as the last version.
  • You can collect resources while rations are depleted, but production is reduced by 50%.

Mercenary Camp Main Quest Line Modifications:

Mercenary Camp Quest Update:

  • Part of the quest sequence has been modified to optimize the novice tutorial process.
  • A new talk quest has been added. Main plot has been updated to increase immersion in the early portion of the game.
  • Tutorial Stage has been optimized.
  • Novice XP and Bronze Coin rewards have been adjusted.

Capital Quest Line Modifications:

Capital Quest Update Content:

  • Tempo of the Level 7-12 main quests have been optimized to ensure you can more quickly get to matched modes.
  • War Scholar Quests have been added to Levels 15 and 25 to help you better understand Signacula and Doctrines.
  • Store Tutorial Quests have been added to Levels 16, 18, and 22 to help you better understand the stores: Item Store, Mount Store, and Black Market.
  • Daily Quest has been added to Level 30: Fief Overview.
  • Item reward added to main quests: Thesis
  • Damage displayed when hero uses skills on small objects has been optimized.

Unit Tree

  • Era unlock requirements:
  • Some node effects have changed.
  • Javelin units' Improved Supplies effect no longer reduces javelin interval but instead increases piercing damage by 3%.
  • Halberdier's follow-up node Armoured Charge's level has been moved from 5 points to 1 point. Your skill effects that have been upgraded with extra levels remain.


  • Barracks Interface Modifications
  • Units obtained will be ordered from Infantry, Ranged, down to Cavalry.
  • The Create Unit button is at the front of the classification column. All buttons now correspond to the units they create.
  • Players can now click the corresponding button to expand their camp.
  • A sort function has been added to the barracks interface.
  • Units in the barracks interface can now be sorted according to various criteria.
  • The criteria are as follows: Auto Sort/Sort by star/Sort by level
  • Unit Details Interface
  • Unit details interface blocks have been condensed from Attributes, Unit Training, Attire, and Career to Career, Unit Details, and Unit Training.
  • Attributes and Attire have been combined into Attributes. Previously, Formation, Unit Orders, Terrain Effects, and Unit Traits were all in the Attributes menu. These have been moved to Unit Training. Tabs have been placed on the right side of the interface.
  • You can now purchase and view unit attire from the Attribute tab.


  • Skill Interface Optimizations
    • The A and D button can be used to switch between tabs in the character menu.
  • A round of overall improvements have been made to the aesthetics and performance of the UI.
    • The number of Mastery Points remaining has been moved to the upper right of the interface.
  • Skill compatibility area has been moved directly below the skill tree.
  • Skill unlock requirements description has been moved below and left of the skill tree.
  • Skills for which there are enough Mastery Points to unlock will glow.
  • Unlock button's direct display has been canceled.
    • A confirmation window will pop up when glowing skill icon is clicked. Confirming will immediately unlock the corresponding skill.
      • Clicking on a skill that cannot yet be unlocked will highlight the preceding skill route that needs to be unlocked first. The unlock button will not appear.
  • Clicking locked weapon icons in the skills interface will learn and unlock this weapon's scheme.
  • Non-Paragon skills can be put into Paragon slots now.
  • The difficulty of obtaining Mastery Points has been adjusted. The difficulty of getting different kinds of Mastery Points is roughly equal.
  • The following Warlord skill trees have been optimized. Weapon skill unlocks are all of a similar difficulty.
    • Shortsword & Shield
    • Longsword & Shield
    • Glaive
    • Poleaxe
    • Musket
    • Longbow
    • Shortbow
    • Dual Blade

Item Icon and Model Improvements

  • Hero equipment icons have been improved.
    • Longbow and shortbow icons and models have been improved.
      • To improve differentiation between the icons, we have adjusted the longbow and shortbow icons as well as added a quiver to both.
      • Longbows and Shortbows of different appearances will now be equipped with quivers of different appearances.
    • Other equipment icons have been improved.
      • Buffalo Leather Bracers icon has an improved resolution.
    • Store icon has been improved.
      • The icons of items in the store have been made more distinct.
    • Backpack icon has been improved.
      • Hero material names and icons have been improved.

To prevent you from confusing hero equipment materials and resources, we have adjusted hero equipment material names and icons. The name changes are as follows:

  • Other item icons have been improved.
    • Honour icon while opening chests has been improved.
    • Hero Paragon Skill Page icons have been improved. Their resolution has also been increased.


Unit XP

  • Unit XP Modifications
    • Previously only units you deployed in battle could collect XP. To meet your training needs, any undeployed units you take into battle will now also collect Unit XP as well.
  • Unit Level XP Adjustments
    • We have found that units were levelling up far too quickly, so we have increased the amount of XP required to level up units. In addition, the units' level limit has been increased from 20 to 30.

Dropped Reward Adjustments

  • Blue and purple equipment drop rates have been slightly reduced.
    • Primarily involved stages
      • Field Battles
      • Classic Siege Battles
  • Artillery Drop/Redeem
    • Artillery Component Drops
      • In Pursuit Battles and Conquests, upon destroying enemy artillery and winning the battle, there is a 100% chance to get artillery components of the corresponding quality.
      • In matched battles, upon destroying artillery the enemy has constructed, there is a 100% chance to get artillery components of the corresponding quality, regardless of the outcome of the battle.
      • In Siege Battles, there is a certain chance of getting artillery components when destroying a certain number of artillery on a stage.
    • Redeem Artillery Components
      • Use five artillery components of the same quality at a siege engineer to get 1 artillery crate of the corresponding quality.
      • Opening an artillery crate will yield one random artillery of that quality.
  • World Rebels Reward Adjustments
    • Upon defeating Rebels on the world map, there is a 100% chance to get rations.
    • The higher the difficulty of the rebels defeated, the more rations you will get.
    • No less than 50 and no more than 500 rations will drop.
  • Blue and purple equipment drop rates have been slightly reduced.
    • Primarily involved stages
      • Field Battles
      • Classic Siege Battles

Salvage Values

  • The effect of equipment's durability limit on salvage profits:
    • We have observed that due to different quality equipment, the maximum durability is different, and the maximum durability determines the material production rules when the equipment is salvaged. Therefore, some equipment is subject to the material production rules of higher equipment when salvaging. The value of the salvage output is high, and we have adjusted the relationship between durability and salvage output rules. The adjustment results are as follows:
      • Level 10 Uncommon Equipment salvaging output is reduced by 50%
      • Level 20 Rare Equipment salvaging output is reduced by 50%
      • Level 30 Rare Affixed Equipment salvaging output value is reduced by 25%
      • Level 30 Standard Epic Equipment (no schematics used when crafting) salvaging output value is reduced 25%
      • Level 30 Class Epic Equipment (schematics required when crafting) salvaging output value is reduced 25%

Secret Vault

  • Secret Vault Content Adjustments
    • Battle Relics have been added to the Secret Vault item drops. These have a 50% chance of appearing when opening Secret Vaults. This item can be used in the War Scholar system to get Signacula.

Weekly Quest Adjustments

  • On Campaign Quest Reward Adjustments
    • Theses have been added to On Campaign quest rewards. These have a 50% chance of appearing when opening Campaign Reward series crates. This item can be used in the War Scholar interface to get Doctrines.  
  • On Campaign and Rebel Pursuit weekly quest descriptions have been improved.
  • Fixed bug where some weekly quest reward chest contents could not be previewed.

Balance Modifications


  • Deviation in the rolling distance of some heroes has been fixed.
  • Dual Blades Balance Modifications
    • Dusken Pall's rocking duration has been reduced.
    • Dusken Pall's rocking duration was too long. This made it difficult for Dual Blade heroes to deal follow-up damage while enemy was stunned.
    • Alchemical Vapours II's cooldown has been reduced from 28 seconds to 27 seconds.
    • Alchemical Vapour's growth did not match its Mastery Points cost. We have reduced its cooldown as a result.
    • Serpent Strike's performance modifications:
    • Serpent Strike I: Base slashing damage has been reduced to 63% from 105%. Extra slashing damage has been reduced from 784 to 470. Damage over time has been increased from 160 to 200.
    • Serpent Strike II: Base slashing damage has been reduced to 63% from 105%. Extra slashing damage has been reduced from 913 to 548. Damage over time has been reduced from 400 to 300.
    • Serpent Strike III: Base slashing damage has been reduced to 63% from 105%. Extra slashing damage has been reduced from 1042 to 625. Damage over time has been reduced from 600 to 400.
    • We have observed that the explosive power of Serpent Strike is too strong and that the damage of this skill even exceeds the Paragon skills of some professions, so we have reduced its damage.
  • Shortbow Balance Modifications
    • Decreases the stun strength of shortbow's right-click melee, making it unable to knock enemies out of melee range.
    • Steel Tipped Arrow is now the same as most other shortbow shooting skills. You can now press and hold the button to control the timing of the arrow shot.
    • Steel Tipped Arrow no longer gives enemy increased damage taken effect but instead reduces their armour.
    • In the previous version, the ability to directly increase enemy's damage taken was too powerful in some instances, despite being weaker for some heavily armoured enemies. We have adjusted the effect of these skills so that they reduce the enemy's armour instead.
  • Shortsword & Shield Balance Modifications
    • Shielded Charge's extra effect 1's damage has been reduced from 134%+688 / 134%+804 / 134%+922 to 67%+344 / 67%+402 / 67%+461.
    • Shielded Charge currently integrates displacement, control, and damage skills into one. However, it has exceeded the strength of more specialized skills and even the effects of some Paragon skills. As this is not what we hoped to achieve, we have reduced its damage.
    • Ironsides Skill Adjustments
    • Ironsides's extra effect has been changed from reducing damage taken and reducing own Attack to Increasing own armour by 80% / 120% / 160% for 6/7/8 seconds.
    • In the previous version, Ironsides was too mindless and lacked countermeasures. There was no way to deal with Shortsword & Shield players who had activated Ironsides for a full 8 seconds. Thus we have changed the skill's effect so that musket, poleaxe, and arquebusier units have a chance against these heroes.
    • Thunderstruck no longer has damage reduction effect.
    • Thunderstruck previously removed control debuffs, reduced damage taken, inflicted control debuffs, and dealt damage. This was too powerful, so we removed its damage reduction effect.
    • Thunderstruck can no longer be blocked.
  • Longsword & Shield Balance Modifications
    • Mercy of Heaven's effect has been adjusted:
    • Mercy of Heaven II's health recovery duration has been extended from 8 seconds to 9 seconds.
    • Mercy of Heaven III's health recovery duration has been extended from 8 seconds to 10 seconds.
    • Mercy of Heaven I's bonus skill node healing duration increase has been reduced from 2 seconds to 1.
    • Mercy of Heaven II's bonus skill node healing duration increase has been reduced from 2 seconds to 1.
    • This change is mainly to unify the central node's bonus and actual effects.
    • With Valor's cooldown has been increased from 20 seconds to 32 seconds for ith Valor I, 28 seconds for With Valor II, and 24 seconds for With Valor III.
    • Martial Prowess's cooldown has been increased from 8 seconds to 14 seconds for Martial Prowess I, 12 seconds for Martial Prowess II, and 10 seconds for Martial Prowess III.
    • Martial Prowess III's damage reduction effect has been removed.
    • Spear Balance Modifications
    • Armour penetration and damage reduction effects obtained when skills hit have been increased from 1% to 2%.
    • Lugh's March's damage attribute has been changed from piercing to slashing.
    • We observed that spear heroes had a relatively low overall victory rate, so we have adjusted some spear skill effects.
  • Longbow Balance Modifications
    • Light-Footed II's cooldown has been reduced by 1 second, and Light-Footed III's cooldown has been reduced by 2 seconds.
    • Bodkin Arrows' effect increasing damage taken for enemy has been changed to an armour reduction effect. Bodkin Arrows I reduces enemy's armour by 30%. Bodkin Arrows II reduces enemy's armour by 40%. Bodkin Arrows III reduces enemy's armour by 50%.
    • Flying Reaper can no longer be blocked.
  • Nodachi Balance Modifications
    • Dragon's Leap can no longer be blocked.
    • Fixed bug where Dragon Strike I's buff would not take effect.
    • Dragon's Leap skill icon has been improved.
    • Adjusted Level 60 heavy armour set effects:
    • 2 pieces: 10% damage reduction effect has been changed to a 5% Max Health increase effect.
    • 4 pieces: 15% Max Health increase effect has been changed to a 20% armour increase effect.
    • Damage reduction effects of Level 60 heavy armour was too powerful for other armour classes to deal with, so we have changed the effect of the set.

Warlord Balancing:

Shortsword & Shield: 

  • Added incoming damage reduction for Thunderstruck with 10%, 15% and 20%, increases with levels.


  • Dragon’s Roar III, Armour Piercing lasting time increased from 2s to 3s

Longsword & Shield: 

  • Clash of Shields III: Slowed the lasting time applied to hit enemies increased from 2s to 3s

Dual Blades: 

  • The Dance of Death III: the Slowed lasting time applied to hit enemies increased from 6s to 7s.


  • Bodkin-Tipped III: Armour Piercing lasting time increased from 3s to 4s.


  • Flying Reaper I: Flying Reaper buff lasting time increased from 2s to 3s.
  • Flying Reaper III: Flying Reaper buff lasting time increased from 3s to 4s.


  • Prefecture Pikemen's charge skill armour penetration has been increased by 30%.
  • After Prefecture Pikemen were weakened last time, we observed that the data for the Prefecture Pikemen fell more than we expected, especially against heavy armoured units. Therefore, we have adjusted the armour penetration ability of the pikemen.
  • Prefecture Pikemen: 
    • Added 50% more armor penetration to charge skill, and 40% more armor penetration to normal charge. 
    • Sprint: Movement speed increase adjusted from 1.2m/s to 15% movement bonus.
  • Vanguard archers: 
    • Decreased the Piercing armor penetration by 15 and Piercing damage by 50.
    • Increased skill damage by 10%
    • Increased the skill’s fire arrow rate by 10%
  • Mercenary Fire Archers: 
    • Decreased the Piercing armor penetration by 19 and Piercing damage by 114
    • Increased the skill penetration by 5% and Piercing damage by 10%.
    • Decrease the attack speed of skill by 15% and increased the burning damage by fire arrows by 100 points per second
  • Imperial Archers: 
    • Decrease the Piercing damage by 11
  • Dagger-Axe Lancers:
    • Increased the Piercing defense by 60, slashing defense by 50
    • Decreased the health point by 260 and Piercing damage by 29
    • Decreased unit numbers from 21 to 18.
  • Prefecture Heavy Cavalry
    • Added immune to normal attack stagger and all defense increase 100 points when passive actives.
  • Demesne Crossbowmen: 
    • Default HP decreased by 436 while increased the hp growth by 34. The full health when you level this unit to maximum will actually be a bit higher than before.
    • Increased the Slashing defense by 89 while decreased piercing defense by 45.
  • Bowmen:
    • The combination of damage and survivability makes the unit very hard for heroes to compete. We decided to nerf the survivability to make the unit more fit in it’s role as a damage dealer. 
  • Imperial Pike Guards: 
    • Increased the CD of push skill from 40s to 50s and decreased the lasting time from 12s to 9s.
  • Decreased the ammo of multiple ranged units:
    • Archer Militia 1200→900
    • Levy Bowmen 1200→900
    • Ironcap Archers 1200→1000
    • Demesne Archers 1200→1000
    • Vanguard Archers 1200→1100
    • Imperial Archers 1200→1100
    • Mercenary Longbowmen 1200→1100
    • Demesne Crossbowmen 1000→700
    • Mercenary Crossbowmen 1000→600
    • Imperial Arquebusiers 1500→800
    • Ironcap Arquebusiers 1500→600
    • Oriental Musketeer 1500→700
    • Mercenary Arquebusiers 1500→700
    • Tercio Arquebusiers 1500→900


  • Reduced the efficiency of green artillery and increased the efficacy of purple artillery.
  • Compared to artillery in previous versions, the efficacy margin of green and blue artillery has been reduced by about 30-40%. The efficacy margin of purple artillery has been reduced by about 0-10%.
  • Some artillery has been reassigned from green to purple tiers. Artillery of different tiers now has different models and combat values.
  • New artillery combat values place more importance on the difference between the different levels of the same device. Artillery's appearance and quality are related to its efficacy. As a result, the current basic values do not increase linearly as before. Every upgrade has its own focus.
  • Hwachas
    • Hwacha Arrow Launchers only has four firing slots. As a result, they can only fire 20 arrows every round. The number of firing slots on Well-Made Hwacha Launchers has increased with their size to 32 arrows every round, but as a result, its reloading time is longer. Optimal Hwacha Launchers deal slightly less damage than before but accuracy and firing speed have been greatly increased.
  • Grapeshot Cannons
    • Compared to normal Grapeshot Cannons, Well-Made Grapeshot Cannons have been upgraded from a simple wooden stand to a more rotissible wooden base. Turn speed has been increased from 70→110. Optimal Grapeshot Cannons have a fortified barrel that increases firing pressure and therefore range, from 40→55.
  • Cannons
    • Compared to normal Cannons, Well-Made Cannons have a sturdier wooden base. Firing spread has been reduced and barrels have been lengthened, increasing projectile velocity. Optimal Cannons have widened barrels, allowing for larger projectiles and greater damage area.
  • Ballistas
    • Well-Made and Optimal Ballistas have reinforced bow arms and improved firing components, increasing damage and firing speed. In particular, Optimal Ballistas use a number of bow and rope forces to launch the arrow through a unique structure, greatly improving piercing damage.
  • Oil Launchers
    • The sturdiness of Oil Launchers has been improved. Its health has also been increased. Well-Made Oil Launchers have fuel that spreads more easily, increasing the area of effect. Optimal Oil Launchers utilize more torsion to increase the initial velocity of the canister, increasing its range. Fuel used has been improved, increasing the duration of combustion.
  • Culverins
    • Well-Made Culverins have cast-iron hoops on their barrels, allowing them to withstand greater pressure. One-shot can penetrate three enemy units. Optimal Culverins have sturdy iron wheels that allow them to be deployed more quickly across all terrains.
  • Mortars
    • Compared to Well-Made Mortars, Optimal Mortars have an iron structure that increases their health and defence values. The powder chamber has been expanded allowing for more gunpowder, increasing its range.

The following is a comparison of new and old artillery values.

  • Hwacha Arrow Launcher
    • Damage      2400 (x32→24/round)
    • Health    7125→4000
    • Ammunition    10
    • Reload Time  10→6
    • Accuracy      High→Low
  • Well-Made Hwacha Launcher
    • Damage      3600 (x48→32/round)
    • Health    8438→5000
    • Ammunition    12
    • Reload Time  9→8
    • Accuracy      High→Mid
  • Optimal Hwacha Arrow Launcher
    • Damage      4800→3600 (x64→60/round)
    • Health    9750→5000
    • Ammunition    14→16
    • Reload Time  8
    • Accuracy      High
  • Grapeshot Cannon
    • Damage      760→700 (x100→80/round)
    • Health    8075→6000
    • Ammunition    8
    • Reload Time  8
    • Spread      High→Very High
  • Well-Made Grapeshot Cannon
    • Damage      900→840 (x160→80/round)
    • Health    7125→4000
    • Ammunition    12
    • Reload Time  7→5
    • Spread      High
  • Optimal Grapeshot Cannon
    • Damage      1040→1050 (x200→120/round)
    • Health    7125→4000
    • Ammunition    16
    • Reload Time  6→5
    • Spread      High→Mid
  • Oil Launcher
    • Explosion Damage      800
    • Explosion Range      3m→2m
    • Burning Damage      200*3s
    • Health     4750→3500
    • Ammunition      15→12
    • Reload Time  8
    • Accuracy      High→Mid
  • Well-Made Oil Launcher
    • Explosion Damage      1200→800
    • Explosion Range      4m→3m
    • Burning Damage      300*3s
    • Health     5625→4800
    • Ammunition      20→12
    • Reload Time  7
    • Accuracy      High→Mid
  • Optimal Oil Launcher
    • Explosion Damage      2400→1200
    • Explosion Range      5m→3.5m
    • Burning Damage      350*3s→300*4s
    • Health     6500→5800
    • Ammunition      25→12
    • Reload Time      6→7
    • Accuracy        High
  • Culverin
    • Damage      6333→5500
    • Health    8550→7000
    • Ammunition    12
    • Reload Time  5→6
  • Well-Made Culverin
    • Damage      7500
    • Health    10125→8000
    • Ammunition    16
    • Reload Time  4→5
  • Optimal Culverin
    • Damage      8667→9500
    • Health    11700→8000
    • Ammunition    18→20
    • Reload Time  3→5
  • Cannon
    • Explosion/Splash Damage  15200/3040→9000/3050
    • Explosion/Splash Radius  1m/2m
    • Health         9500→7000
    • Ammunition    10
    • Reload Time  8
    • Accuracy          Mid→Very Low
  • Well-Made Cannon
    • Explosion/Splash Damage  18000/3600→9000/3050
    • Explosion/Splash Radius  1m/2.5m→1m/2m
    • Health         11250→9000
    • Ammunition    14
    • Reload Time       7→8
    • Accuracy      Mid
  • Optimal Cannon
    • Explosion/Splash Damage  20800/4160→15000/3600
    • Explosion/Splash Radius  1m/3m→1.5m/3m
    • Health         13000→11000
    • Ammunition      18
    • Reload Time       6→8
    • Accuracy        High
  • Ballista
    • Damage      13300→12000
    • Health    7600→5000
    • Ammunition    14
    • Reload Time  8
  • Well-Made Ballista
    • Damage      15750→15000
    • Health    9000→6500
    • Ammunition       18
    • Reload Time       7→8
  • Optimal Ballista
    • Damage      18200→20000
    • Health    10400→6500
    • Ammunition       22
    • Reload Time  6→10
  • Well-Made Mortar
    • Explosion/Splash Damage  18000/3600→15000/4200
    • Explosion/Splash Radius  1.5m/3m
    • Health        14063→8000
    • Ammunition    10
    • Reload Time  10
    • Spread          Mid→Low
  • Optimal Mortar
    • Explosion/Splash Damage  20800/4160→18000/4200
    • Explosion/Splash Radius  1.5m/3.5m→1.5m/4m
    • Health         16250→16000
    • Ammunition    14→16
    • Reload Time       9→10
    • Spread      Mid
  • Trebuchet 
    • Damage      9000→10800
    • Health    99000→75000
  • Battering Ram
    • Damage      36000→30000
    • Health    81000→67500
  • Siege Tower
    • Health    126000→82500
  • Stockade
    • Health    180000→135000
  • City Gate
    • Health    126000→75000

PvP Stage Balance Modifications

  • The following balances have been made according to test data:
    • Border Fort
      • The location of the attackers' Supply Point has been adjusted, reducing the amount of time it takes for attackers to get from the Supply Point to the ramparts.
    • Valley Fortress
      • The number of cannons outside the defenders' ramparts have been reduced to increase the survival rate of the attackers' artillery. A Supply Point has been added to the right path in the lower part of the city, adding an extra objective to the first phase of the battle and giving the attackers a more forward resupply point for the next phase of the battle.
      • The number of ladders leading to the second level's platform area have been increased, providing more access to the attackers' C siege point.
      • Defender respawn point has been adjusted. After either point A or B have been lost, the respawn point moves to the base.

Bug Fixes and Optimizations

  • Cutscenes for all tutorial stages have been optimized.
  • Tutorial stage tutorial and conversation text has been optimized and the interface has been simplified.
  • The Battle on the Plain's tutorial content, battle tempo, and art have been optimized.
  • Valen's Last Stand's tutorial content, battle tempo, and art have been optimized.
  • AI unit respawn logic has been optimized in PvE stages to avoid cutscene errors. This involves the following stages: Battle of Sparrow Pass, Siege of Skylark Fort (Easy), Liberate the Village (Easy), Siege of Eagle Pass (Moderate), Siege of Eagle Pass (Hard), and Liberate the Village (Solo).
  • Artillery Tutorial stage's firing target distribution has been optimized.
  • Art in Rebel and Pursuit Battle stages has been optimized.
  • Fixed bug where Arsenal Defense quest stage's boss was too powerful.
  • PvP Siege Battle stage opening animation has been improved to include shot of attackers.
  • Supply Point and NPC models and sound effects have been optimized and replaced in all stages.
  • Destruction ladder's interaction radius has been improved from 2 meters to 3 meters.
  • Art in siege stages has been optimized.
  • Random weather has been improved in AI mode stages, including the removal of fog.
  • Fixed bug in Arsenal Defense where enemy archers would not be killed by gunpowder barrel explosions.
  • Fixed bug where heroes would get stuck at the southeast Supply Point in the Kurak Castle field battle.
  • Fixed lighting issue in the Siege of Eagle Pass alliance quest.
  • Fixed bug where AI soldiers could get stuck on the topography in the final stage of the Rebel Camp in the world.
  • Fixed bug where retreating friendly NPCs would get blocked by pikemen formations in the White Elk Fort alliance quest.
  • Fixed bugs in Siege Artillery and Artillery tutorial stages where players could summon mounts.
  • Fixed error with defender voice effects when siege ladders would mount the ramparts in the Hidden City field battle.
  • Fixed bug where some cannon models would appear an improper size.
  • Fixed bug in Frontier Camp and River Ravine alliance quests where player could retreat.
  • Fixed Alliance Defence opening cutscene bug.
  • Fixed avatar display error when city defender bots retreated from Territory War fief.
  • Fixed bug where cavalry would be unable to charge on some maps.
  • Fixed bug where Kheshig Archers wouldn't attack some enemies.
  • Fixed bug where Imperial Pike Guards' Brace Weapons skill would not be displayed in the unit details interface.
  • Fixed a bug where halberdiers would only deal 1 damage when bracing weapons.
  • Fixed a Shortsword & Shield bug where Throw Shield would be interrupted by enemy normal attacks.
  • Fixed a bug where the effect of Defence would not be applied on some equipment.
  • Large artillery model overlap on the world map has been fixed.
  • Face creator options have been broken up into different tabs.
  • Alliance and house channel string bugs have been fixed, namely a bug in which players who left the alliance could still receive alliance messages.
  • Hexagonal ability chart and matching armour type have been added to the weapon selection interface for new players.
  • Optimized notification indicating Secret Vault limit has been reached.
  • Added protection when you disband houses or alliances where you need to type to confirm that you want to proceed.
  • Optimized the ping display and status display of server
  • Sovereign In-game Store updates:
    • You can now click on the icons to proceed with purchase
    • Added bulk buying
  • Optimized the visual display when you receive artilleries/siege equipment.
  • Optimized a few graphic settings.
  • Optimized the display of camera modes.
  • Optimized of combat effects in open world fief battles.
  • Optimized the effect of Trebuchet.
  • Optimized the sound effects of Dual Blades and Glaives when they hit a shield.
  • Optimized the UI of Territory War page in Hotkey “J”
  • Fixed a number of issues with units:
    • Fixed the bug for Prefecture/Ironcap Archers being interrupted while using Arrow Rain, and therefore resulting in abnormal shooting speed from animation irregularities.
    • Fixed Mercenary Longbow Men’s range indicator for “Attack Area”, which was previously too small.
    • Fixed Mercenary Longbow Men’s issue where “Precision Training” was not in effect, when it should be.
    • Fixed the issue where Javelin Sergeants’ “Double Shot” were not firing off correctly.
    • Fixed  the problem where the ammunition for Kriegsrat Fusiliers were overstated and consumption of ammunition were overly fast.
  • Fixed the bug where after using a Cross-Region Migration Token and having your new base camp in the new Region conquered, your base camp reverts to being in the Capital of the original Region. Instead, it will now revert to being in the Capital of the Region you have migrated to.
  • Fixed the issue in Hidden City where if the wall near to Point A is destroyed, there is a large hole for players to get into.
  • Fixed the issue of wrong firearm drawing animation when Musket units are first summoned.
  • Fixed the issue where injured units can still be summoned from the respawn screen.
  • Fixed the issue where abandoned crates and other variations can be spawned in water and under the ground.
  • Fixed the issue where the UI may consistently show “0” for the amount of time remaining for daily resource recollection.
  • Fixed the issue where the game freezes after the loading screen hits 100%.
  • Fixed the issue where the low HP ambient flashes on the UI is affecting players from seeing their characters’ HP properly.
  • Fixed the problem where the progress bar in game is difficult to see when it comes to setting up of artillery and capturing a point.
  • Fixed the issue of freezing after pressing “G”.
  • Fixed the issue of artefacts blinking when there is no character motion.
  • Fixed the FPS dropping because of the cloth simulation system error.
  • Fixed the problem that the second page of auction house selling list can’t be refreshed properly.
  • Fixed a bug where you have sufficient resources to craft unit kit but the system showed a message stating “insufficient amount of resources”.
  • Fixed a bug where the smugglers in Borderlands were missing names
  • Fixed the effects when artilleries went into storage
  • Fixed a bug within the weapon training tutorial.
  • Fixed a bug where the Reconditioning system was not listed correctly at Blacksmith


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