Ready Up For Guild Wars 2’s The Key of Ahdashim 11 June

Just over a week ago, ArenaNet announced an epic return. On 11 June, the Hidden City of Ahdashim comes back to Tyria and it’s bringing a brand new raid.

Last seen back during the original Guild Wars, it lurks just north of Vabbi and is a pace of immense power. Homestead to the Djinn, it was once used to hide the princes during the rule of Palawa Joko Now, it hosts the latest challenge for raiders. After the events of the  Mythwright Gambit encounter, players will find Qadim, the sort of Djinn you don’t want any wishes from, defeated but not down. With Zommoros restored to the Mystic Forge, there is nothing left but revenge.

Qadim is set to seize the Djinn city of Ahdashim and the power that it holds. Should  Ahdashim fall then every Djinn alive will crumble under the corruption that would follow. This cannot occur. It is up to Tyrians to band together again and save the land.

Players who aren’t up to the ready check quite yet will find other activities to take part in across the open world. Guild Wars 2 players can earn extra rewards when assisting the Mystic Forge Skritt that scuttle around Lion’s Arch. By conquering world bosses across Tryia, players can collect special Condensed Ley-Line essence items. Fill your loot bags with the right rewards and a series fitting of Shiny and Ultra Shiny weapon skins are up for grab. Tyrians intent on grabbing these shinies will have to be quick, however. The Skritt are due to lose interest around 25 June. After this, adventurers will need to negotiate a price with the Exchange Operative in Lion’s Arch. If you've reset your gear and are ready to go, you can find out more on the official Guild Wars 2 website.

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