Guild Wars 2 - War Eternal Lands 14 May

Let’s be clear, things are not looking good for Tyria right now. Kralkatorrik is still very much alive, the brand is a blight on Tyria, and after everything we’ve gone through, Aurene is dead. Now Tyrians find out how it all ends with the news that War Eternal arrives on May 14th.

The final episode of Guild Wars 2 Living World season 5, War Eternal, takes place after the tragic events of All or Nothing. After attempting to take down a massive Elder Dragon, the commander and fellow adventurers lost a dear friend. Now, the fate of Tyria looks to be bleaker than ever. Out of time and out of ideas, the latest episode takes players on an epic chase after a wounded Elder Dragon in an effort to finish the job before all hope is lost. You can get a taste of this action with the latest trailer, below



War Eternal does not just end this epic journey, there is a ton of new content for players, too. The latest update also includes:

  • A new flying mount, the Skyscale, a rideable dragon that can climb walls and scorch enemies
  • A new map that promises to unlock answers to the Elder Dragon Kralkatorrik’s very existence
  • The legendary greatsword Exordium, which changes form depending on which attack skills a player uses
  • A new upgradeable, two-tier Mist Shard armor set


War Eternal is free for all players to unlock starting May 14th. If you are ready to end this adventure, you will also need the Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire to find out what happens. If you haven’t got a copy of Path of Fire yet, this is also on sale for 50% off until May 19th at

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