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As a retired archaeologist and anthropologist in real life, I have learned to love folklore, history and any family story I can lay my hands on. In game, storylines are very interesting but not enough history for my taste, so I went on a quest in Guild Wars 2. I wanted to find where to read about history and folklore in the game. In the beginning, I only knew of a few I had come across while map clearing in certain areas. With the help of a few friends, I found some hidden libraries and some other areas new to me. The good ones also have achievements to go along with your reading, which makes them even more fun! Here are my top ten places to read, but realize, there are many more little places to find a book. You just have to go on an adventure to find them.

10 - Stonewright’s Steading:

This is in Hoelbrak near Eastern Watchpost Waypoint. Go south from the waypoint, and turn left onto the path. It is the first gate on the right. You need to enter the instance for Stonewright’s Steading. After you arrive inside the instance, there are monuments to read. Better watch out though, Garm will follow you around to make sure you don’t wreak any havoc.

9 - Divinity’s Reach:

There are lots of books to read in the outer circle in Divinity’s Reach. Starting at the Commons Waypoint, go north east around the circle. You will see book carts all around to look at titles, then just a short way up from the waypoint you will find Durmand Hall on the left. Go in and enjoy, read a few history books of your choosing. You can find these books there: The Centaur War, The Elder Dragons, Winds of Change, and the Bloodline of Kryta.

8 - Ebonhawk:

The Founding volumes can be read and are lying around in strange places in the Ebonhawk area. There is an achievement for reading all of them and is called “Speedy Reader”. One of the volumes talked about Gwen, The Ebon Vanguard, and her hope of standing together to make a common future.

7 - Domain of Istan:

The Astralariumin is in the northwest area of Domain of Istan. There is an underground library with only a couple of books, but is a fun small area to visit. You will need to finish the heart and talk to Archivist Salwa. After completing the heart, you can ask the archivist to let you in.

6 - Sun’s Refuge:

Enter Jahai Bluffs to find the Sun’s Refuge instance in the southwest corner. Go to Venta Pass Waypoint and enter the portal south of it. The center expands out into some walkways to resting areas, some with reading materials such as Blish’s Research notes, Koss on Koss volumes, a Memorial to the Sunspears, and a children’s bookshelf with loads of books. I really enjoyed the children’s books.

5 - Kormir’s Library/The Dark Library:

To get to these libraries, you have to do the Path of Fire, Chapter 7: Facing the Truth and/or finish the storyline and start your griffon achievement Open Skies: Sunspear Wisdom. Both are in the tomb of the Primeval Kings, in Desert Highlands. You will need to enter the portal at the back of the tomb. There is a bit different process for the storylines. Kormir’s Library is more for a hunt for books and The Dark Library is a battle to get keys so you can open the chests to find the books.

To get to Kormir’s Library you need to start the story: Facing the Truth, there is the achievement “Seeker of Truth and Knowledge”. After the story has been started, go through the portal. Some of these books to find are in the Hidden room, which is under the big scroll bookcase area that is in the picture below. If in said storyline, you see a book named “Magic and War: An Educated Warning”. Swim down under that section and you will find stairs to go into the hidden room.

For the Dark Library, go inside The tomb of the Primeval KIngs in Desert Highlands. Once there, head to the back of the tomb and interact with the back wall or the portal to the the Dark Library. Once there, start killing elite creatures to get your keys for your chests. After getting the keys, you can open the chest to find the multiple volumes you need to collect for the Open Skies: Sunspear Wisdom. It is part of the achievements needed to get your griffon. The achievement will not unlock until you have to started working on the griffon.

4 - Ebonhawk: Defender’s Field:

Defender’s Field is at the south end of Ebonhawk east of the vista. There is a hero point in the area with gravestones. You can find some very interesting sayings, including the following: “Professor Yakkington - 1057-1110 - The most steadfast of companions he followed Nicholas to the ends of Tyria and beyond.” or “Lolla Bakurl - 1056-1097 - Keep them laughing. They’ll have a harder time shooting you.” I enjoyed reading them all.

3 - Durmand Priory:

You can find this wonderful library in an instance north of Durmand Priory Waypoint. Go toward the hero point and turn left. It is in the southwest corner of the circle. Once in the instance make a left turn, and the library will be on your right. There is a NPC that is allergic to cats and keeps on sneezing, which makes reading a bit annoying at times. This library of books includes the Legend of the Long-Ear Lexx and Black Powder and its Uses. I won’t give any spoilers here, so go read them, enjoy the sneezing and find the cat!

2 -  Malchor’s Leap - Orrian History:

This was an amazing set of history books. I was told about these from a friend. The Orrian History books in Malchor’s Leap are at the little control area north of Pagga’s Waypoint, in the southeast corner of Malchor’s Leap. There are multiple volumes of history scrolls including “The Tragedy of Malchor” telling how Malchor fell in love with Dwayna and could not refuse any request she made of him.

1 - Domain of Istan - in the Astralarium:

The Astralarium is in the northwest corner of Domain of Istan. There is a heart to complete where you find and put away the books in the main library. After putting them away, you can then read them (Note: this is the same heart as #7). I found an Achievement called, “Bookworm” that is completed when this heart is done, as long as you actually read all of the books after putting them away. You may also purchase 2 books from the vendor in the main library (the individual with the star over her head in the picture). The books are Koss on Koss and Awakening of the Heart. These are also part of a collection achievement called “Library Detective”.

It is very relaxing for me, going around and reading at some of the places above. Now that I know which achievements I need and the books I forgot to read, I will be traveling through Tyria to find them for a second time. Hope to see you in the libraries.

Published: May 13th, 2019   |  16,750 Reads

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