Tips for a healthy Extra Life

It’s almost here. Game day, November 5th, 2016! 24 hours of gaming to help heal kids! You’ve registered, emailed everyone you know, cleared your schedule, and even got permission from your spouse to dedicate an entire day to charity and your favorite hobby. All that is left is 24 blissful hours of gaming. That’s when it hits you. You haven't had a gaming marathon in about two decades. Here are a few tips for a healthy and epic Extra Life.

1. Sleep.  Get a good night’s sleep before game day. You need to take on the world, possibly multiple worlds and you are much less threatening to a raid boss snoring on your keyboard.

2. Drink water.  It is tempting to stock up on coffee and energy drinks, but what your body needs most is H2O. Keep a water bottle near you and drink often. Caffeine is good for a little boost when you need it, but your go to mana replenishment item should be water.

3. Eat right. You should forgo the gamer stereotype of hotpockets and bagel pizzas and grab some fresh fruit and veggies. Don’t be seduced by a bag of chips or your kids’ Halloween candy. Plan some balanced meals of lean protein and complex carbohydrates to keep you going without crashing.

4. Take Breaks. Stretch, walk round, refill your water bottle, go to the bathroom,  do some sit ups or push ups, just get the blood moving in your body. Also, give your eyes a break, they will thank you. Feeling tired? Take a nap. Extra Life is 24 hours of gaming, but you don’t need to do them all at once.

5. You are a Hero. Since Extra Life started, over 22 million dollars have been raised for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals and you are a part of that. You have turned your passion into hope for sick and injured children and their families. You are saving lives hour by hour, game by game. Have fun and play on!

6. Join a team. Don’t know of one? Then join our team!

Published: November 5th, 2016   |  3,799 Reads

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