The Killer of Imagineeria - Part 2

This short story was written by a 13 year old girl. Her unlimited imagination has shone through her creativity in art, literature, and roleplay. She is currently working on the 3rd story from this series, now at age 14 while attending a specialty charter school focused in the arts and literature.

Chapter 6:
The Recreation

Shadowsea stared into Ray’s yellow eyes.

“Ray?” Shadowsea said shaking. Ray narrowed his right eye he had no eyelids on the other eye.

“Ium maum Yarum onum rongelum....” He muttered.

“Wait what?” Shadowsea said confused. Ray stood up shakily his bone leg shaking yet strangely staying together. He smiled insanely.

“Lalcum emum YeathRadum!” He laughed spreading his ripped bone wings. He tried to slap Shadowsea who ducked just in time she ran Ray chased after her. She ran into the main room and hid Ray walked in looking around. Shadowsea’s heart was pounding in her chest.

“What did I do?!” She said to herself. Raydark came out of his room sadly Ray heard him and threw a knife at him. Raydark gasped and grabbed the knife in mid-air, his heart pounding, he looked at Ray.

“Ray?!” He gasped. Ray growled.

“Ymum eamnum sium tonum Yarum!” He hissed. Raydark stared at him confused. Nightmare came in and stared at Ray.

“Shadowsea! What did you do!?” Nightmare growled looking at Ray’s mangled body.

“I kinda turned Ray into a zombie......” Shadowsea said nervously.

“WHAT?!” Nightmare hissed Raydark went up to Ray.

“Um.... Hello....” Raydark said nervously to Ray. Ray looked at him.

“Oellhum yorrsum rofum tlmosaum gillinkum uoyum...” He smiled his pupils were bright red staring into Raydarks pale red eyes.

“No problem.... Do you have any memories from when you were alive?” Raydark asked. Ray shook his head.

“So you don’t remember me? I’m your brother Raydark....” Raydark sighed. Ray thought then smiled.

“I do remember!” He said finally speaking English he hugged Raydark who laughed. Nightmare and shadowsea looked at them.

“By the way, now that I’m a zombie my name changed.....” Ray smiled.

“Really what is your new name?” Raydark smiled

“Call me DeathRay, it’s a zombie name....” He giggled

“Alright then DeathRay” Raydark smiled. Nightmare slithered over to DeathRay looking at his bone limbs.

“How... Are you even alive?!” Nightmare said surprised seeing DeathRay’s heart unmoving beyond his ribcage.

“He was created by an ancient spell that was supposed to return him back to normal, alive AND breathing.... Somehow I messed it up....” Shadowsea sighed staring at DeathRay. Nightmare smiled.

“You can be good help” Nightmare smiled. “Zombies are invincible and immortal” he laughed Shadowsea looked uneasy.

“But he’s not a zombie....” Shadowsea said looking at deathRay

“Then what is he?” Nightmare asked confused.

“He’s a recreation... A zombie like creature created when a resurrection spell goes wrong, he is only partially invincible he will have weaknesses...” Shadowsea sighed she used magic a piranha appeared out of thin air she grabbed it. She brought it toward DeathRay he screamed and backed up.

“Only way he can die is having his death recreated” Shadowsea sighed. Nightmare stared at DeathRay.

“That’s still useful” Nightmare smiled “That’s the only way he could get hurt” Nightmare giggled insanely. DeathRay and Raydark exchanged worried looks.

“You two are the key to taking over Imagineeria, the Nightmare family might finally win!” Nightmare smiled.

Chapter 7:
The Plan

It was midnight, Raydark, deathRay, shadowsea, and nightmare stood over a table which had a map on it, nightmare looked over the map.

“Here is where we will attack..” He pointing to a black square on the map. “This is the night club in Imagineeria, tomorrow night is a Friday night... Everyone in Imagineeria will be hanging out there.. You two are going to burn it down..” He looked at Raydark and DeathRay.

“Oooo fire!” DeathRay giggled. Raydark looked at him.

“How exactly are we burning it down?” Raydark asked tilting his head.

“Simple young one...” Nightmare smiled. “You will go in disguise... Just spy on them at first... Then with the signal you can mess with the wiring then BOOM! The place goes down in flames, you two come out safely and we have info on Imagineeria.” Nightmare laughed insanely. Raydark laughed evilly Shadowsea sighed.

It was the next day, at sunset Raydark put on a suit and tie he looked at his reflection in a lake and smirked.

“I like this look.... Maybe I should do this more often!” He laughed Nightmare came out.

“You ready?” He smiled.

“Yes” Raydark said excitedly. Nightmare took out a small earpiece.

“Put this in your ear, it will make it so we can communicate with you, remember me and DeathRay will be near bye if you need us” Nightmare smiled. Raydark put the earpiece in his ear like Nightmare said. “Remember to keep your wings hidden!” Nightmare said as Raydark started heading toward the city.

“I will!” He said as he walked through the barrier of shadows that surrounded the dark forest he looked around, he was on a dark hill, he saw a huge city in the distance. He put on his black sunglasses and smiled.

“Let’s do this” he smirked walking down the hill. He walked toward the city he stepped onto the sidewalk. It was a bit crowded. He passed several buildings, a nail salon, a gas station, a coffee shop, he finally heard music and looked right, he saw a huge nightclub, the walls were all black there were flashing neon lights at the front, and a long line of people outside Raydark growled a bit and went to the door. There was a tall man wearing a black suit standing there.

“Ahem, excuse me sir, I ask permission to enter....” Raydark smiled nervously.

“Sorry bub you got to wait like the others” the man said

“I have someone waiting inside for me though” Raydark lied.

“How can I believe you?” The man raised an eyebrow. A girl inside saw Raydark she came over. She had silver hair, pale skin, blue eyes, and a purple dress.

“There you are! Late as usual I see” she said walking to his side.

“Huh?” Raydark said curiously.

“Just go with it” she whispered into his ear. The girl looked at the man.

“I have already paid a fee for two” she said showing the man a receipt “I was waiting for him but he was fashionably late” she smirked winking toward Raydark.

“Yeah.... You know me it takes forever to get my hair brushed” Raydark said nervously. The man let them in the girl looked at Raydark.

“Thanks... “ Raydark smiled.

“It’s nothing really, I was supposed to come with someone but he ditched me... So I paid for two people....” She sighed. “I’m Moonstar, what’s your name?”

“I’m Raydark” Raydark smiled. Moonstar walked into the main room, there was loud electronic music playing it was crowded.

“Weird name... Anyway... Is there actually someone inside waiting for you? Or did you make it up” Moonstar asked tilting her head.

“I made it up” Raydark laughed, as he looked around.

“ Raydark can you hear me?” Raydark heard a voice in his earpiece.

“Give me a second...” He said to Moonstar as he went toward the bathrooms. He went in the men’s room, it was quiet.

“Yeah I’m here” he said.

“Good, did you get in?” He heard DeathRays voice.

“Yeah no help from you guys... Some girl got me in...” He said peeking outside the door he saw Moonstar sitting at a table bored.

“Sorry about that” he heard Nightmare’s voice. “Just be thankful that you got in, now talk to the people around, when you’re ready there is a control room in the back of the club when you get there tell us...”

“Ok” Raydark smirked then left and walked toward Moonstar. “I’m back” he smiled.

“Great!” Moonstar smiled happily. “Want to dance?” Raydark tilted his head.

“Dance?” He said confused.

“Don’t you know what dancing is?” Moonstar said curiously.

“Um no.... I’m foreign...” He said nervously.

“Really? Where are you from?” She tilted her head Raydark thought.

“Um... I’m from...” He thought.

“Land of the dracomagis...” He heard Nightmare say in his earpiece.

“The land of the Dracomagis” Raydark said nervously.

“Oh... Cool...” She said looking down. Raydark looked around the crowded club, he saw a black door by the turn tables.

“There’s the control room....” He muttered under his breath.

“So um... Raydark...are you single?” Moonstar asked

“What?” Raydark looked at her tilting his head.

“Nothing... S-sorry I asked....” She said putting her head down. Raydark sighed.

“I have to go...” He said getting up Moonstar watched him leave sadly. He went toward the control room no one noticed him he took out a bobby pin and picked the lock, slipping inside.

“Ok I’m in the control room...” He said quietly.

“Great.. DeathRay will help you with the controls” he heard Nightmare say.

“It’s not complicated just cut the red wire then you have 10 minutes till the place explodes” DeathRay yawned.

“Well that’s convenient” Raydark smirked as he took out his silver knife cutting the wire he set his watch for 10 minutes.

“Ok now get out of there” DeathRay said. Raydark left closing the door behind him. As he went through the crowd toward the exit Moonstar stopped him.

“Wait Raydark! Where are you going?” Moonstar asked.

“It’s getting late... I’m going home” Raydark said nervously.

“It’s not that late.. Are you sure that you can’t stay?” She asked tilting her head.

“Yes I’m sure” he stuttered looking at his watch he had 9 more minutes. He started heading for the door. Moonstar sighed sadly and walked away. Raydark looked at her sadly.

“Um... I have a few minutes...” He smiled, she looked at him.

“Really?” She smiled and hopped over to him. “If you do I want to show you what dancing is!” She smiled grabbing his hand pulling him with her onto the dance floor. Raydark looked at all the people dancing.

“Um I’m not sure if dancing will be my thing...” He said looking at the complicated moves that some teenagers did in the center of the neon dance floor.

“It’s all in the feet..” Moonstar said looking down at her purple heels. Raydark looked down at his black dress shoes. “One foot after another” she smiled moving her feet Raydark copied her moves. Soon they both danced happily with the beat of the loud electronic music playing Raydarks watch beeped. There was one minute left.

“Moonstar I’m so sorry but I really need to go...” He said stepping off the dance floor.

“Oh... You think we can see each other again?” She said tilting her head and stepping off the dance floor. Raydark felt guilty he knew he would never see each other again.

“Maybe” he lied Moonstar got close to him.

“Hopefully....” She said then kissed him. His face turned bright red he froze. Moonstar stopped and blushed Raydark stared at her shocked his watch beeped again his eyes went small. He heard a loud explosion followed by screams he ran not saying a word he got out of the club and fell onto his knees breathing heavily he looked back. The huge building was now on fire. He heard a fire truck in the distance he heard a familiar scream.

“Moonstar....” He said sadly. He growled to himself. An angel warrior arrived.

“Sir do you know anything about what’s happened?!” He said looking at the building.

“I need to save Moonstar...” He said running in, ignoring the angel.

“What are you doing?!” The angel yelled as Raydark disappeared into the burning building. He darted through the building dodging falling support beams and fire a huge flaming support beam blocked his path there was no way around he growled and spread his wings, which ripped through his jacket, he jumped and used his wings and flew through the flames. Raydark saw Moonstar trapped under a piece of rubble and gasped he ran toward her and lifted the beam off her. She was unconscious, he quickly picked her up and flew through all the wreckage he leaped out the door landing on the cold concrete, his wings wrapped around Moonstar he laid her down gently he breathed heavily. He heard gasps behind him he turned the angels and firefighters were there, staring at his dragon wings.

“A nightmare!” One yelled

“He will kill us all!” Another yelled

“I bet he started this fire!” Another yelled Raydark backed up the angels took out their swords Raydark quickly took off he looked back at Moonstar who had regained consciousness during all the yelling she stared in shock. Raydark flew back home sadly.

“I’m sorry Moonstar…” He muttered then flew home.

Chapter 8:
Fight the Consequences

The next morning Raydark laid on his bed staring up at the ceiling sadly, DeathRay peeked in.

“Hi....” He said looking at Raydark. “You ok?” He asked sitting on Raydarks rusty bed.

“I’m fine...” He said rolling over to face the stone wall. He had changed the night before he now wore the grey tanktop he was wearing when he was created. It was already covered in dirt.

“I saw what happened Nightmare didn’t he had went home... I got my foot stuck in a gopher hole...” He chuckled. Raydark stayed silent. DeathRay sighed. “I won’t tell dad, if he finds out he will not be happy...” DeathRay smiled.

“Thank you...” Raydark sighed and smiled a bit. “That girl Moonstar... She did this.. thing… I don’t know what I would call it... It felt strange..” He said looking down. “I don’t even know why I saved her! I ruined everything...”

“I know that feeling....” DeathRay sighed. “A feeling that’s stopped Nightmares for centuries.... You love her”

“What?!” Raydark said his face turning red. “No I don’t!” He blushed more.

“Yeah you do! You saved her from a burning building that you set on fire! You love her” deathRay smirked.

“Shush!” Raydark hissed.

“Moonstar and Raydark sitting in a tree... K-i-s-s-i-n-g!” DeathRay sang.

“SHUT IT!” Raydark yelled bearing his sharp teeth DeathRay backed up.

“Woah dude chill I’m kidding...” He said staring at Raydark. Raydark growled and hid his face under his pillow.

“Just leave me alone” Raydark growled. DeathRay left sadly. Raydark sighed and looked at the stone ceiling. “It doesn’t matter.... I’ll never see her again” he muttered to himself. He got up and peeked out of his room. He saw the entrance to the cave no one was there. He darted over and looked outside, the sky was filled with dark clouds, but that is common in the dark forest. He snuck outside and flew through the clouds to the clear skies beyond it. He shielded his eyes from the sun, he went to where the clouds ended he saw the city below and the club he had burnt the night before. He sighed, then something caught his eye, Moonstar was walking down the street, she looked sad. Raydark sighed sadly and put his head in his hands. He looked at the people in the street. he saw a woman walking two dogs, a man in a suit on his way to work. He saw Blake and growled to himself he flew down beside Moonstar and landed.

“Hey Babe how’s it going?” Blake smirked.

“Don’t even talk to me.” Moonstar growled.

“Why?” Blake said stepping in front of Moonstar.

“Why!? Because you ditched me at the nightclub for another girl you jerk! I saw the whole thing. You were flying around with this angel girl and you kissed that’s enough evidence for me” Moonstar growled. “Goodbye Blake” she said walking away. Blake shrugged.

“Oh well” Blake said flying away. Raydarks jaw dropped.

“That jerk!!” Raydark growled. “For a hero he isn’t very nice.” Raydark thought. “I think his time should come to an end...” Raydark growled, then smirked, his eyes now glowing red.

Chapter 9:
The Midnight Murderer

Raydark sat on a rock by the entrance to the cave. He put on his muddy black boots and black hoodie he put his hood up and put his knife in his belt. He was about to leave someone grabbed his hood stopping him, he turned quickly. It was Shadowsea.

“Where do you think your going?” Shadowsea asked.

“Um...I’m going to go murder someone” Raydark said nervously.

“Ok!” Shadowsea smiled letting him go. “Just stay safe!” She smiled and left Raydark flew off.

“Wow Shadowsea’s nicer than I thought” Raydark smiled

It was now midnight. Dark clouds blocked out the light of the two full moons. Thunder and rain streaked through the sky. Raydark flew above the storm clouds, his red eyes shining in the moonlight he saw the village of the Dream Clouds. Calm and peaceful above the storm clouds. Raydark flew over and saw Blake’s house. It was a large two story, Blake wasn’t home. Raydark concentrated he sniffed the air. He could smell the strong scent of the cologne that Blake wore. He followed the scent to some buildings in the city. Raydark then hid his wings and ran across a building top he jumped to the next building as he ran he eventually started running on all fours. He saw the last building on the edge of town. Blake sat on top under an umbrella. Raydark jumped onto the building landing without making a sound. He slowly walked up to Blake taking out his dagger. Suddenly Blake turned, kicked Raydark down and took out his sword and put it to Raydarks neck.

“Well well well... the new edition to the Nightmare family. Nice to meet you.” Blake smirked. “I knew you would come to kill me. Just like your father, or master. I don’t even know or care! All I know is that your time in this world is up” Blake smirked Raydark then kicked Blake off then jumped up, and grabbed his knife. Blake got up and narrowed his eyes. Raydark smirked.

“Bring it on” Raydark said, his eyes narrowed. Blade attacked he tried to hit Raydark with his sword. Raydark blocked the attack with his knife.

Every time Blake attacked Raydark just dodged or blocked the attack. Suddenly as Blake attacked, Raydark dodged then quickly sliced both of Blake’s angel wings off. He screamed in pain and fell he was shaking in pain. The pure white feathers of his wings were quickly stained red. Raydark grabbed Blake by the hair and dragged him over to the ledge. He could see the empty street far far below.

“I’m in the mood for a wingless angel pancake what about you?” Raydark smirked.

“Please! N-no! Let me go!!” Blake cried he coughed up blood.

“If you say so...” Raydark smiled insanely and let go of Blake’s hair and pushed him off. Blake screamed.



Raydark looked down at Blake’s now mangled body, lying on the street. Raydark flew down to Blake and chopped his head off with his knife. He smiled insanely.

“Master will be so proud” Raydark smiled. Then took off back to the dark forest.

Chapter 10:
The Rebellion

Raydark woke up the next morning he looked around sleepily then got up he grabbed the jar that he had put Blake’s head in the night before he came into the main room of the cave. Nightmare was sitting on a rock sketching another plan on the cave wall, DeathRay was sitting in the corner muttering to himself, and Shadowsea was sitting in the cave entrance meditating.

“Good morning!” Raydark said cheerfully Nightmare looked at him.

“Why are you so happy? What’s in the jar?” Nightmare said tilting his head. Shadowsea stared at Raydark and thought, she gasped.

“I c-can’t believe it... Raydark killed Blake!!!!” Shadowsea said shocked. Nightmare and DeathRay stared at Raydark shocked then they started laughing.

“You kill Blake?! Your only 5 days old!” DeathRay laughed.

“Wow you almost got me there!” Nightmare laughed. Raydark chuckled a bit then took Blake’s decapitated head out of the jar. They froze staring at Blake’s now pale face that was still dripping blood.

In the city several angels were chatting in a meeting room in the angel base that was high in the dream clouds.

“Ok ok go over the clues again we need to figure this out...” One angel said looking at the others.

“Blake’s wings were found on top of a high building, we found his body on the street next to the building. His head was chopped off and the injuries show that he was killed by falling.” One angel said sadly.The head angel sighed.

“It’s murder for sure... you think Nightmare could have done it?” The head angel said looking at the other 5.

“Maybe it was that new Nightmare that we saw the day of the nightclub incident.” One angel said.

“I don’t know, I could tell that he was very young when I saw him. Probably only a few days old” The head angel said thinking. Another angel with brown hair and gold eyes ran in.

“Sir! We found a trail of angel blood leading from where Blake was found dead to the dark forest.. “ the angel said nervously. The head angel growled.

“No doubt now, one of the Nightmares did it!!” An angel yelled angrily. The head angel put his hand up silencing all of them.

“This is the last straw... those Nightmares have lived here long enough time to end this!” He growled the others cheered. “Go alert GoldenFang! If the Nightmares want a war, they will get one!”

In the dark forest Nightmare, DeathRay and Raydark were celebrating outside. Shadowsea played her pure black violin happily. DeathRay sat on top of the cave with Raydark. Nightmare was taking down dead trees and making a wall using them. Raydark looked at Nightmare.

“What are you doing?” Raydark asked curiously.

“After you killed the strongest and most powerful angel I can bet the other angels are going to attack we need defense,” He said picking up a dead tree with his scorpion tail and throwing it onto the wall of dead trees.

“Why should we hide and defend? Why don’t we fight?!” DeathRay said

“ He’s right. We are all immortal” Raydark yawned.

“Your right.” Nightmare growled and knocked down the wall. Raydark smiled evilly.

“I want them to come... I want those angels to see how powerful I am! er.. I mean.. How powerful we are...” Raydark laughed evilly Nightmare and Shadowsea exchanged nervous looks.

Meanwhile in the Dream Clouds, all the angels put on armor and got their weapons. GoldenFang came out of the temple in the center of the dream clouds and looked at the hundreds of angels ready to fight. GoldenFang cleared his throat.

“Welcome everyone! Today we will fight for peace in Imagineeria, we may loose some good warriors during this battle but it will be worth it! The Nightmares have haunted us for years this is the last straw. This day will be their last!!!!” GoldenFang roared everyone cheered. On a cloud right by the Dream Clouds, someone sat there. They wore a black cloak hiding their face it held a black bow and had a black and silver archer quiver on its back. It sighed.

“I have to warn him....” It growled then took off spreading its black angel wings

Chapter 11:
The Warning

Raydark sat outside on a dead tree waiting for an army to attack he saw something and got ready to fight it was the person. It landed then folded its black angel wings.

“Who are you!?” Raydark growled.

“Don’t worry I’m a friend” The person said then took off its hood Raydark gasped.

“Moonstar!” Raydark gasped. before him stood Moonstar, her hair was in a bun. Moonstar smirked.

“You thought you wouldn’t see me again didn’t you?” She smiled. Raydark nodded. “I also need to thank you for saving me... even though you set off the bomb in the first place.” Moonstar chuckled. “Anyway, all the angels in Imagineeria are attacking! GoldenFang is leading them. He will throw you into the Land of the Unforgiven!!”

“We’ll be okay...” Raydark said a bit unsure.

“Look... if you come with me you’ll be safe. The angels don’t know you’re the one who killed Blake.” She said holding his hand.

“No! I’m not leaving master and DeathRay behind!” Raydark said pulling his hand away.

“Why do you even call him master?!” Moonstar growled.

“He created me! He is my master!” Raydark growled back.

“Whatever... anyway.. you need to get out of here!” Moonstar said worried she heard a loud crash. Raydark looked toward the sound of the crash and gulped. “It’s too late now...” Moonstar sighed then flew off.

“Moonstar wait!” Raydark said watching her fly away he sighed sadly. “I would’ve gone with.. but she doesn’t understand.”

Moonstar flew out of the dark forest she went to a small house in the bright forest, by Crystal Falls, a waterfall in the center of the forest. She sighed and went inside. She laid on her couch sadly.

“Goodbye Raydark....” She muttered sadly

Chapter 12:
The Battle

Raydark ran inside the cave he heard the sound of the angels approaching their cave. He panicked realizing what Moonstar had said he took a deep breath and sighed.

“We will fight till the end!” Raydark growled taking out his silver knife deathRay had his bone knife out nightmare had his claws ready. He heard GoldenFang.

“Charge!!!” GoldenFang roared to the top of his lungs hundreds of angels then attacked. Raydark knew they were coming but he still felt surprised. He hid in his room quickly. No one had noticed him.

He heard the angels attacking. He heard sword hit bone.

“Deathray.....” he gulped. He then heard the crack of a whip then a female scream.

“S-shadowsea....” Raydark shook in fear. He then heard a loud roar then dragon screech.

“Master!” Raydark gasped then stayed hidden under his bed. He heard an angel walk in he gulped. It approached the bed Raydark then jumped and slit its throat it was now dead. Raydark breathed heavily and chuckled. Two more came in he killed them.

“Hahaha.....” Raydark laughed going into the main room several angels were dragging DeathRay Shadowsea and Nightmare away in cages. Raydark gasped and attacked he killed any angel that got in his way suddenly a large dragon tail hit him from behind throwing him into a wall he stood up dizzily then gulped. GoldenFang stood over him. More angels came and dragged everyone away.

“Say goodbye to your family Raydark....” GoldenFang smirked Raydark teared up.

“Raydark! Don’t worry we will be ok! I believe in you! “ Shadowsea yelled as they dragged them away.

“Go on GoldenFang kill him! I won’t care I can just remake him.He is just a worthless clone...” Nightmare yawned. Raydark stared at him shocked he teared up and growled.

“I am not worthless...” He growled clenching his knife.

“See Raydark? Even your own master thinks you’re worthless.” GoldenFang smiled. Raydark growled his eyes glowing red.

“I AM NOT WORTHLESS!!!” Raydark yelled. His hands turned to claws, his teeth were now razor sharp GoldenFang backed up. There was a bright light. When it faded, There was a huge black dragon with bright red eyes standing where Raydark once stood. The dragon smirked, and attacked GoldenFang biting his throat hard he then threw him out of the cave. GoldenFang stumbled up.

“Retreat!!” GoldenFang yelled running off the remaining angels followed him scared. The dragon turned back into Raydark. He breathed heavily. Nightmare, Shadowsea, and DeathRay stared shocked. Raydark growled at them.

“I’m leaving... Nightmare..” Raydark growled

Chapter 13:
The Rogue Nightmare

Raydark walked away from the cave, his clothes and stuff in a backpack. DeathRay flew after him.

“Raydark please don’t leave!” DeathRay said sadly grabbing Raydarks arm.

“Too late!” Raydark hissed. “Nightmare doesn’t care about me.” Raydark sighed. He spread his wings and took off into the sky. Flying through the dark barrier.

“But I care about you...” DeathRay sighed sadly. Walking back to the cave. He heard Nightmares voice.

“Deathray! Get the ingredients to make a new creation! Same as last time.” Nightmare smiled taking out a beat up caldron.

“No” DeathRay growled. Looking down.

“What did you say?” Nightmare said narrowing his eyes.

“I said I’m not helping you!!” DeathRay hissed. Clenching his fist.

“You are my slave. You have no choice! Go get the ingredients NOW!” Nightmare hissed his dragon eyes glowing brightly.

“I’m not your slave! I’m your son!!!” DeathRay hissed back slapping Nightmare with his bone hand Nightmare stared shocked. “I don’t even want to be your son. I’m done” DeathRay hissed and packed up his stuff.

“Ray! Stop! I’m sorry...” Nightmare said sadly grabbing him.

“My name isn’t Ray. It’s DeathRay...” DeathRay growled and flew away. Nightmare sighed sadly and laid down. Wrapping his scorpion tail around himself sadly.

“I’m all alone... It’s all my fault...” Nightmare said under his breath.

“Your right Nightmare.. you are all alone” He heard a voice behind him he turned. He saw Shadowsea standing there. “But it’s not entirely your fault, you are a Nightmare after all.” Shadowsea said snapping her fingers a suitcase appeared beside her she walked to the cave entrance with her suitcase she looked at Nightmare.

“Goodbye Arkdum... if you still remember when that was your name..” Shadowsea sighed and left. Nightmare growled.

“I am not Arkdum... I am Nightmare the 12th!” Nightmare hissed under his breath he spread his bat wings and flew outside.

Meanwhile Raydark wandered through the deepest parts of the dark forest angrily he walked through the dark barrier and sighed he started heading for the Crystal Fall forest he put his hood up so no one could see his face. He looked around at the beautiful forest. He smiled happily. Then heard a familiar voice.

“Hello Raydark” He heard someone say he turned quickly and gasped.

Chapter 14:
We Meet Again

Raydark stared blankly. Blake stood in front of him. He had a scar on his throat from where Raydark had sliced off his head his wings were missing.

“Hi...” Raydark smiled nervously. “Still mad about me murdering you?”

“Heck yes I’m mad!” Blake growled taking out his sword Raydark rolled his eyes and cut Blake’s head off with his knife.

“They didn’t do a good job with the stitching that was as easy as cutting a piece of yarn with a chainsaw!” Raydark laughed.

Blake’s body went limp Raydark kicked his head into the bushes.

“Bye Blake no one will miss you” Raydark smirked.

“Wow harsh..” Someone said behind him. Raydark turned quickly and saw Moonstar standing there he sighed in relief

“What are you doing here!?” Raydark asked putting his knife in his belt.

“I live in the forest why else would I be here? Better question... Why are you here? Don’t you live with the other nightmares? You’ll get killed out here!” Moonstar sighed

“Moonstar I’m fine! Stop worrying! besides the nightmares don’t care about me I don’t want to stay with them” Raydark sighed

“The nightmares never care about each other I thought you would realize that by now...” Moonstar sighed “if you need a place to stay..... I’ll be happy to help” Moonstar smiled a bit Raydark smiled

“Thank you...” He smiled and blushed a bit

“Follow me I’ll show you to my place!” Moonstar smiled and ran through the forest Raydark followed quickly, smiling a bit. Moonstar unfolded her black angel wings Raydark smiled happily unfolding his dragon wings. They both flew up Raydark followed Moonstar, as they flew over the forest Raydarks eyes widened. He had never seen this much color, The bright green forests, The blue oceans, the only color he saw on a regular basis was Grey black and white. He liked color.

When he was first created he hated the bright colors of nightmares scales, and the bright fire orange color that deathRays hair once was.

Raydark liked those things now. But he could do without nightmare for awhile. But he felt like he was missing something. He thought. He was wearing his same hoodie, he had his same knife. What was missing? Then he realized when he did the excitement on his face turned to sadness.

He missed his brother....

Moonstar and Raydark eventually came to a small house. Moonstar walked up the steps leading Raydark inside. Raydark glanced around he had never been in a real house before. Moonstar lead him to a spare bedroom.

“You can sleep here.” She said “I’m in the room next door” Moonstar sighed Raydark sat on the bed.

“Thank you Moonstar.” Raydark smiled a bit laying on the bed he looked outside seeing it was sunset, he hadn’t had dinner yet but he felt sleepy he dozed off and started dreaming.

Chapter 15:
The Dream

Raydark woke up, not in Moonstar’s guest room though but in the dark forest. he looked around confused he then saw nightmare dragging a huge bag. The bag was big enough to carry another person it seemed to be moving

“Nightmare!” Raydark yelled and hissed trying to attack Nightmare. he just fell right through him. Raydark was a ghost.Just now noticing that he was semi transparent. This wasn’t a dream. It was a vision. Nightmare dropped the bag down in the cave with a loud thud. Nightmare started mixing potions in his caldron. The bag seemed to move again. A person was trapped inside. Raydark could hear muffled screams but they were barely audible. Raydark came closer, then he heard movement behind him Nightmare was now standing over him. Blood and salvia dripping from his sharp fangs his eyes glowing red.

“Time to put you back where you came from” Nightmare growled his voice now demonic. It seemed to echo in Raydarks mind he was frozen he couldn’t move a muscle. Then he heard the scream.

“Raydark HELP!!”

Raydark woke up with a jolt, his heart was pounding his breathing was fast. He couldn’t stop shaking. The vision felt so real. But it was just a dream right? Raydark looked outside at the full moon high in the sky. He got a bit worried. He understood the vision was fake, but it was the scream that got him confused. It sounded familiar. He heard that scream once before, but not in a dream, he heard it the night of the fire. Then it finally hit Raydark.

It was Moonstar’s scream....

Raydark gasped at this realization he ran out of his room into Moonstar’s room. Moonstar was gone.

The window was shattered the curtains shredded. There were familiar reptilian footprints on the carpet Moonstar’s covers were on the floor. There was a note on the bed. Raydark quickly grabbed it.

“Dear Raydark,

You need to learn, never underestimate a nightmare. Now if you want this peasant come and get her... ~Nightmare “

Raydark gasped dropping the note. He growled in anger his eyes now glowing red. He put on his muddy black boots and black hoodie he put his hood up and put his knife in his belt. He knew that someone was going to die tonight.... and he was hoping it wouldn’t be him.

Chapter 16:
Battle on Mount Emboro

Rain poured from the sky as Raydark flew water dripping from his grey wings. He flew into the dark forest he clenched his knife tighter. Raydark ran into the cave quickly. It was empty a cold chill came from the back of the cave the torches that were normally lit were put out and cold, No one had used them for awhile. Raydark walked in slowly ready to fight if he needed too. He took slow shaky breaths his heart pounding in his chest. Wherever Nightmare was Raydark felt like Nightmare could hear his heart pounding, hear his shaky breaths.

He was terrified

He came to the back of the cave there was a long hallway that was lit by torches that had a blue flame. They gave off very little light, only enough to light the walls on either side of him. Making the floor look like empty blackness. He stepped forward shakily. He felt like there was nothing under his feet. He kept going down the dark hall he saw light at the end of the hall he ran toward it. He was outside now, on the edge of the dark forest he was standing there for only a few short moments and he was already covered in rain water. He sighed sadly, would he ever find Moonstar?? There was a flash of lightning and he saw a silhouette dart out of the dark forest toward the volcano Mt. Emboro in the distance Raydarks eyes widened. He quickly flew after the shadow as it darted up the mountain.

He got to the top and looked around he saw Nightmare standing on the other side of the volcano smiling insanely. Raydark avoided rocks and molten magma. He got to the top of the volcano. The ground rumbled under his feet he saw nightmare standing in front of him, an evil smile stretched across his face, showing all of his dagger like teeth.

“Greeting my creation, it is a pleasure to see you” Nightmare said with an evil smirk.

“Where is Moonstar?!!” Raydark yelled “Tell me where she is!!!!” Raydark hissed.

“I have hidden her with a snap of my claws she will be in the magma!” Nightmare smiled insanely. Raydark glanced at the deep crater beside them, lava bubbling inside. Raydark growled in anger, he couldn’t believe what he did next. He lunged tackling Nightmare, who hissed and snapped at Raydark who unhooked his dagger from his belt. Right before he stabbed Nightmare, Nightmare kicked Raydark off he fell back, but quickly pushed himself back up with his wings he had a deep cut on his chest with was dripping pure black blood. He ran toward Nightmare and slashed at him cutting his face he screeched and swiped at Raydark knocking him to the ground. Raydark got onto his knees he coughed up blood weakly his nose was bleeding he looked at Nightmare shakily.

“ Heh too easy. You need to learn Raydark...” Nightmare bent down to be face to face with him. “The student cannot beat the master” Nightmare smiled evilly He opened his mouth about to breath thunder at Raydark killing him. Was this his last breath? He closed his eyes tightly ready for death.......

Then it happened. With one quick swoop something flew over grabbed Nightmares wings and flipped him onto his back, his head over the crater to the volcano. DeathRay landed beside nightmare putting his bone foot on Nightmare’s chest. Nightmare looked up at DeathRay the rain soaked his matted hair water was dripping from his exposed skull the thunder crashed.

“Hello father, who would’ve thought...” DeathRay smirked. “Your life is in my hands” DeathRay smiled pushing Nightmare closer to the lava.

“Ha you idiot I have wings!” Nightmare smiled.

“Not anymore” Raydark said coming up behind DeathRay Raydark took his dagger and sliced off Nightmares wings he screeched in pain, squirming ferociously, DeathRay kept him still with his foot. Nightmare was now in a puddle of blood he was shaking. Raydark and DeathRay smiled at each other.

“I remember you telling me as a kid that being a Nightmare was all about strength, loyalty to your family and the amount of mercy you give... but I’ve seen now. Family are those who are not just blood related. Family is who cares about you. You are not family, you don’t care, oh and another thing...” DeathRay smiled evilly Nightmare looked at him confused. “Like you said.... Nightmares don’t give mercy..” DeathRay smiled then pushed Nightmare off the cliff......

Chapter 17:
The Nightmare is Over

He screamed then fell into the lava with a slight splash. DeathRay and Raydark looked at each other smiling.

“Thank you dude. You saved my life.” Raydark smiled.

“It’s nothing.. you helped save mine. You helped me realize that Nightmare isn’t good enough for me” DeathRay smiled Raydark heard some clatter behind a boulder Raydark walked over he saw Moonstar tied up and whimpering Raydark gasped and quickly untied her

“Moonstar!! Are you okay?!” Raydark asked Moonstar hugged him tightly and kissed him.

“I couldn’t be better” She smiled. Raydarks face turned bright red he struggled to speak. DeathRay looked at him and laughed a bit.

“Yoohoo Raydark ya home?” DeathRay moved his hand in front of Raydarks face. He shook his head and snapped out of it.

“What did I miss?” he asked confusedly DeathRay laughed Moonstar giggled. “I’ll take you home” Raydark said to Moonstar he held her hand then spread his wings he flew to her house in the forest. DeathRay looked back at the crater to the volcano.

“Goodbye dad” DeathRay sighed, then flew away.

Back in the forest Raydark landed putting Moonstar down.

“Thank you Raydark, for everything” Moonstar smiled.

“It was nothing...” Raydark said

“You saved my life”

“I couldn’t let him kill you”

“So you killed him instead?”

“Technically DeathRay killed him” Raydark said he put his hand on the cut on his chest flinching on contact.

“Here let me help you with that” Moonstar said and lead him inside. Raydark sat on the couch. Moonstar gently helped Raydark take off his hoodie. Like always Raydark wore his plain grey tanktop underneath the cut on his chest was deep and now that his hoodie was off it bleed more Moonstar ran and grabbed her first aid kit she held some gauze over the wound for 5 minutes till the bleeding stopped Raydark stared at the ceiling shakily, Moonstar wrapped the wound in bandages.

“Done” Moonstar said gently pulling Raydarks tanktop back down to cover the wound.

“Thank you” Raydark smiled at her she smiled back.

Raydark stood up, careful of his wound he looked at Moonstar. She was holding his hands and blushing. Raydark sighed closing his eyes. He then pulled her closer quickly then kissed her on the lips..

Her face turned bright red she hesitated before kissing back. When they stopped Raydark looked down then looked back up at Moonstar.

“Did I do that right?” Raydark chuckled.

“That was perfect... “ Moonstar smiled.


It was almost sunrise, rain still came down by the buckets shadowsea climbed to the top of Mount Emboro her cloak hood low over her eyes she dragged a sack behind her she stopped at the crater of the volcano and smiled a bit muttering to herself. With a swipe of her hand Nightmares bones came out of the magma and landed gently in front of her she put the bones into the bag carefully she looked at nightmares skull and sighed she put it in the bag then tied it shut she headed down the mountain as she chanted to herself.

“Why must you leave, why must you die

The family will fall

All that will be heard are cries.

This will not be your demise.

Soon the 12th shall rise.

I’ll give you power, your heart shall beat soon.

Controlled by the power of the moon....”

Think next time you awaken from a nightmare, or even a dream. Think about the magical world of imagineeria, how would YOUR dreams affect it?

You decide, it’s your imagination after all….


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