The Goat Rescue by Mistocracy

This story now belongs to GmaFog ­ Written by Old Goat

The two Ancients stood guard over the cabin and the sapling growing in the yard. The Old Goat grazed, as he always did around the house. The grass was sweet and the elders within would feed him corn and other delectable grains on occasion. The dogs would bark, but rearing his head would usually silence them.

As he grazed, the air around him began to waver and suddenly he was buried, face down in snow. His head was stuck and he wasn't able to pull himself back to his feet. After careful deliberation, he realized his horns had become fused with the stones. He had been portaled into stone. He was trapped, and he would die here.

As the Old Goat realized he was dying, he got the attention of a single Asuran Mesmer, Mistocracy. Turning, she caught his last feeble struggle. He began to lose consciousness. Quickly she muttered an incantation and waved her hands. The Old Goat was suddenly free and could breathe. He jumped and danced for joy.

Looking over at the Asuran, he said, "Thaaaaank You. You saaaaaaved my liiiife." Mistocracy just bowed and smiled. "You're welcome." The two remained friends and had many adventures in their long happy lives.

Published: July 15th, 2015   |  3,206 Reads

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