The Change of Life

My, oh my....How things change. At my age, I know priorities certainly do change. At one time, I really looked forward to getting up and going to work. Now I just hope to make it to sunrise. Morning coffee and the morning newspaper, starting with the sports section, was mandatory. Now it’s geritol or grape juice, decaf coffee and the obits.

Memories of my youth take up chapters now written as American History. I did know my Great Grand Daddy and was very close to my Grampa Bill. When they spoke, I listened. It was an unabashed living history lesson conveyed verbally to me to share with future generations. Now if I could only get those generations (my kids and grandkids) to listen to the lessons taught to me. For that to happen, I must find or build an app that they can see on a smartphone, a computer, or maybe a tablet.

I also found that as one ages, you’re no longer considered “Cool” or a “Hunk”. My “studliness” is out the window. Clothes??? Don’t get me started....being in the military, I had certain advantages for clothes choice during certain periods and/or events. My civilian attire now is not considered “cool” or “in”. People look at me and wonder why I’m trying to look like I do...grey hair, wrinkles, and all. (Maybe Joan Rivers had something going for her in the cosmetic surgery dept...) I’m really starting to think sweats and a tee shirt are the way to go.....and if I go to a more formal type with the Tee...on with a polo shirt....with one of those checkmark thingys on the sleeve.

Discussions, which often turn into debates, are exercises of a cerebral nature and are considered very important. You learn many skills from these exercises, confrontation and negotiation to name a few. As you age, you’ve heard both sides of every discussion and debate known to man. I’ll tell you with no uncertainty that naming a side to a discussion will result in a smartass, or snarky comment about it, often resulting in another debate.

My language skills have grown exponentially. It definitely grows in spurts, and usually occurs when a new generation comes of age. I heard many of the words but deciphering some of them have eluded me thus far. “Cray Cray”??? Crayon, crayfish, cray computer…...nope….Crazy is the meaning. Got a prob??? Wait, I stand corrected, what was once short for a problem now stands for probably. I’m caught in that time warp where “gag me with a spoon” was acceptable… it can be found in the idiot section at the library!

The more I write and think about events for this article, the more I’m convinced I was wrong. I earlier stated how things do change. I’m now of the mind that there are some things that will never change. Growing old will never change. It’s an unstoppable process. It’s how we age that will dictate the process.

Published: June 5th, 2015   |  3,186 Reads

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