Path of Fire: Guide to Easy Mastery Insights in Desert Highlands

As I started looking at the other guides to do the Mastery Insights, in Path of Fire, I found that many of them need the jackal or high level abilities for each mount. A “light bulb” went off in my head and I thought, “Why don’t I go do the masteries that have just the base level raptor, springer and skimmer.” As I progress with those, I will earn more ability points for my mounts.

On this guide I will not include the insights I did in my first article called “Guild Wars 2: Crystal Oasis”. These mastery insights will only need your gliding skill from HoT and three basic mounts without their high level abilities. Note: If you completed the masteries in Crystal Oasis, you should have the first 3 of your raptor skills including Canyon Jumping, but will not use that skill for any of the masteries below. All Canyon jumping masteries will be included in the Guide to Advanced Mastery Insights.

I do suggest before you start to make sure you are working on your springer abilities until you receive High Vault ability. Then move to your Skimmer skills. Once you get all abilities down to the third level, then start the 4th level abilities. Make sure you are using all the ability/xp boosts you can muster to help with your mount training.

There are 8 mastery insights in Desert Highlands you can acquire with just your basic mounts. They are called: Makali Outpost: Diviner’s Reach, Sunderlands Crater, Lifeblood Falls Grub Ledge, Highjump Rise, Giant’s Bough, Delict Perch, Overreach Spider Nest, and Brightwater Hollow.

A path will be given in the zone so you won’t have to backtrack too much and will move through the map in a timely manner.  Understand that all the events you can do will move you faster into mastering your mount abilities. So don’t worry about how fast you go, enjoy the areas with the events and hearts to progress at a steady pace.

Desert Highlands

1) Makali Outpost:

Go to the Diviner’s Reach waypoint. Directly to the right is the mastery point. Look up on the column. Go on the ledge to the east of the column and use your springer to jump up.

2) Sunderlands Crater:

Run northeast to the back pathway and go to the fence corner. Jump over the fence and head east on the southern edge of the cavern. Fight the branded critters before you mount on the raptor to jump over the canyon to the Mastery Insight.

3)Base of the Watchtower:

The mastery is near the watchtower POI - Go west from the Sunderlands and follow the left side of the mountain. Springer is necessary to jump the ledge. Once you jump, run up the edge around to the Mastery Insight.

4) Lifeblood Falls Grub Ledge:

You will need your raptor and springer for this one. From Lorummuld Kraal Waypoint, run up the ramp to the north. Jump the ledge over to the cavalier post sentry. Move in the grub cave, you will find a cliff face to jump up with the springer. Once up, you will find the Mastery Insight. From that spot, looking east you will see a vista and hero challenge. Good time to get them is now.

5) Highjump Rise:

Go to Highjump Ranch Waypoint.  If you don’t have the waypoint, come from Lommuld Kraal Waypoint and stay north. When you get to the river, get on your springer and jump up the mountain to the camp.

Head west past the Highjump Ranch waypoint to the outcrop. Jump up the ledges with your springer.

Giant’s Bough:

From Highjump ranch waypoint, run south west, following the river, to the round ledges near Windshear Scarps. With your springer, jump the ledges and turn right toward Giant’s Bough stairway. Use your springer to jump up the rocks and the tree southwest of the mastery insight. It is right in the tree. I had to fight a few Giants there before I could consume the mastery.

6) Delict Perch:

From windshear Scarps, run and spring up west on the hillside. Run into the town through the back and you can see the mastery insight. Try gliding to it and if you don’t make it, go behind to the Waypoint in the city, turn to look north. There are small ledges to jump up with a springer to the Mastery Insight.

7) Overreach Spider Nest:

From Derelict Delve Waypoint using Springer or Glider, go back out east of the city. Just before you get to the bridge, turn north and hop the rocks over to the NE ledge. Turn to the SE and you will see the mastery insight. Glide over to it, but if you miss, it will be an easy springer jump up.

8) Brightwater Hollow:

Go to Brightwater Waypoint and run south. If you need to run it from the last mastery above, go back to Highjump Ranch Waypoint and run south along the river on your skimmer. It is a fun run. When you find Brightwater Waypoint, jump over the ledges with your raptor to your west or jump up the ledges with your springer. Fight the elonian skales and commune with the mastery insight. You will want to go up the stairs to acquire the vista.

There are many things to do in the Desert Highlands. Look around, do your map clear and enjoy some good fights with your friends. By doing this myself, I have managed to get my high jump on my springer and earned enough credits to get my jackal. Many of my friends have rushed and gotten all their mounts up to the Griffon. I am excited for them, but for the casual gamer, it isn’t necessary to work at a fast pace. I just enjoy the game and my surroundings.

See you next time in Elon Riverlands!

Published: March 26th, 2018   |  40,983 Reads

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