Onward and Upward! Top Ten Ascalon Vistas in Guildwars 2

GmaFog is one to take her time viewing all the vistas in Guild Wars 2. She appreciates all the hard work the graphic techs do to render these sensational views. Now that we have mounts and gliders, there are so many different ways to get to these vistas. Because of the many great vista views to choose from, it became a tough choice to just pick ten. She decided to break up the guide into each region, so over the next few months GmaFog is going to venture out and pick top tens vistas in Ascalon, Kryta, Maguuma Jungle and the Shiverpeak Mountains. If her adventure proves successful and well liked, she will keep going into Heart of Thorns and Path of Fire.

GmaFog started with Ascalon and included vistas from The Black Citadel, Plains of Ashford,  Diessa Plateau, Fields of Ruin, Iron Marches, Blazeridge Steppes and Fireheart Rise. She set out to find her favorite views in each zone and give you directions on how to get there. There are no spoilers, so follow along, take time to breathe and enjoy the vista views!

Note: On GmaFog’s pictures, there are shapes to lead you on the minimap. Follow them in the order below: Arrow, Circle, Heart, Square, Star, Swirl, Triangle, and X.

Onward and Upward! Top Ten

Ascalon is the home of the Charr, having 4 different legions called Iron, Ash, Blood and Flame that are spread over the zones. With the exception of the humans in Ebonhawke, most of the landscape is occupied by the Charr legions. They have a variety of terrain including snow, crystalline, volcanic, and dry, grassy landscapes.  The main structures in the camps are made of metal and stone. It is an adventure to go through these zones because you never know what you are going to run into around the next rock. Now, for GmaFog’s favorite vista views:

#10 Plains of Ashford - Human’s Lament Area

From Ascalon City Waypoint run east on the northern perimeter until you see the vista on the plateau. Jump up on your springer or go south to fight a veteran troll in the cave. As you pass into the tight tunnel the vista will be out of the cave to the left. The vista view is a wonderful view of the Ascalon City Wall. If you go straight in the cave a bit, there is a chest to acquire after you battle a group of Ascalonian fighters.

#9 - Blazeridge Steppes - Pockmark Roughs

This one is very easy to get to and a great view of the Searing Crystal. From Refuge Sanctum Waypoint go east down the road. The path will turn south and the vista will be accessible on your left. Enjoy!

#8 - Fireheart Rise - Near Sloven Pitch

From Breaktooth’s Waypoint, go west past the Sloven Pitch island and you will see the vista. I hope you brought your asbestos boots because molten lava and hot springs will be all around you! Jump up on the north side of the vista and view the molten lava fall.

#7 Iron Marches - Gladefall Run

Go to Gladefall Waypoint, run southwest across the creek, up the hill and turn north toward the left side of the first outcrop. Once around the mound, go to the edge of the cliff (on the right). There will be a set of rock outcrops to jump over and a bridge at the end to travel to the vista. View the breathtaking waterfalls! While you are there take advantage of the shinies. A veteran ram and a rich platinum vein is on the same plateau as the vista.

#6 Diessa Plateau - Near the Town of Nageling

From Nageling Waypoint, go northeast of the town toward the catapult in a corralled area. Interact with the catapult next to Mad Mardine and it will shoot you over to the vista northwest of that position. Hopefully, you are not afraid of heights! Very interesting vista view and a great place to try out some wings.

#5 Plains of Ashford - The Toppled Wall

From Martyr’s waypoint go east, watching out for the grawl and harpies. From the rock structure, the vista is up on the right and you can jump there with your springer or go onto the left side of the rock. There will be a little jumping puzzle to leap over, then proceed clockwise around the rock to the vista. This is another great vista view of a crystalline structure.

#4 Fireheart Rise - Near Keepers Waypoint

From Keepers Waypoint, go south toward a little hidden camp with a POI. Before going in the entrance turn right (east), jump up the rocks and over to the vista. Take an awesome ride through a molten lava tunnel!

#3 Black Citadel - Ruins of Rin

From Ruins of Rin Waypoint, go south and run left up the long staircase and turn right. The vista will be straight ahead. Start by jumping straight up the rocks and when you get to the overhang jump to the right, then follow the wall around to the back of the building. There will be two beams to walk up, so turn left inside the structure, then turn right and move ahead over 2 more beams that switch-back up to the vista. GmaFog loves the remarkable view of the whole ruins.

#2 Blazeridge Steppes - Monument Grounds

From Brandview Waypoint, go north past the wall and follow the stairs down to go east. Once down the stairs go across the road and bear south. You will see more stairs on the left and Ascalonian Ghosts to fight as you go up, turn right and follow the wall to the vista. Enjoy a fantastic view of the Monument Grounds wall.

#1 Fields of Ruin - Fallen Angels Garrison Area

From Fallen Angels Garrison Waypoint go southeast to the fields. Do not fight the chickens, they become angry and fight back. Run as far south as you can and you will see a path leading up the wall. Keep going until you see some planks, walk up then jump onto the ledge and you are at the most phenomenal vista view of the Stronghold of Ebonhawke.

There are times when GmaFog just needs to catch her breath without pushing through events, hearts (quests), storylines and maps. Viewing vistas gives her just that. It provides you time to contemplate, assess what to do next and appreciate all the game has to offer.

Stay tune for GmaFog’s next Top Ten Vista Adventure!

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