Looking Back At Our First Year In Conqueror's Blade

A year ago the action RPG Conqueror's Blade fired it's first trebuchets as it launched into early access. This medieval war simulator brought some fresh dynamics to the genre with troop management, territory control, and some wicked good rock, paper, scissors gameplay.

There are modes for everyone from PVP sieges and field battles to PVE training battles, expeditions, and rebel camps. There's a wide range of content to enjoy and the game allows you to play how you want, when you want, for as long as you want. It's no wonder why our community has taken off in this realm.

Forming our Community

For us, this game offered us a chance to be a useful source of information to the community at large. What began as a handful of Gaiscioch and Tuatha players has grown substantially. The Gaiscioch Alliance spans 3 full houses that rotate players as they return or leave the game. We've helped coach over 800 players at this point, sending them off to find glory with other houses if they choose.

The First Taste

I first fell in love with Conqueror's Blade in 2018 during the European X test I was invited to as a member of the media. As a former Tiger Knight Empire War streamer, this game offered so much more. It instantly became the game I craved to play. The troop controls were easy to learn, the battles fierce and engaging and most importantly the fights typically lasted longer than 30 seconds. 

Why is this important? Most MMORPGs today fights end between 3 and 15 seconds. In that little window, the brain isn't quick enough to analyze what happened and how to fix it. There's no learning, no adapting, just a lot of frustrating gameplay. With longer fights like we saw in Dark Age of Camelot and Warhammer Online, players have the ability to see what's happening and react. They can learn from their failures naturally without having to turn to min-maxing guides. Longer fights have a greater potential to create epic memories as well. 

It was the length of these fights and the additional game mechanics that turned this title into an MMO instead of a lobby based title that really sold me on the game.

Season 1:
Seize The Crown & The Rattan Resistance

When Season One: Seize the Crown officially launched, houses had to declare war of fiefs using prestige. Every week we'd see a wealth of war declarations and watch as cities burned. For us, at the time, we were working on filling our roster with active players who were looking to learn the ropes. 

We took a few Fiefs here and there and even got our taste of a few betrayals. Eventually, we would broker a trade of Suedden Anlegeplatz for Westweg from the mighty Cats empire. 

In Westweg we began our real mission to help people learn while strengthening our ranks. We joined a few alliances which always tried to force us into battles we did not want to fight. By the end of Season one we had broken off 2 other houses from Tuatha called ArachDubh and Gaiscioch and formed the Westweg Alliance.

By the time the Rattan Resistance came, we had over 200 players among us and had started seeing a few cross the level 100 mark. The Rattan Resistance brought a whole new unit tree and a series of 4 new PvE missions. All of which wrapped in some pretty neat rewards. By the conclusion of season 1, we had upgraded Westweg to rank 6.


Season 2:
Wrath of the Nomads

Season Two: Wrath of the Nomads brought a new campaign and the nomad troops which included 5 new units. The crown jewel achievement was in taking the all-new Conqueror's City in the Borderlands. In addition, the Cohorts and Legions were introduced giving players an AI-driven house to join while they learn the ropes.

For our community, Season 2 began with us expanding into Mainstadt as well as Westweg. By week three we had rebranded our Alliance as Gaiscioch as our emblem finally made it into the game. In season 2 all three of our houses hit the 95 Player mark and we began rotating Tuatha on a 7-day AFK rotation while maintaining a 30-day AFK rotation on ArachDubh and Gaiscioch. 

By the end of Season 2, we had expanded to include Nordtal and Fallenberg but decided to gift Fallenberg to a new upstart house that had similar ambitions.

During this season we were ruthlessly attacked by brutaL, Khensig, and Ming all of which we learned from and adapted strategies to prevent assaults like these in the future.


Season 3:
Soldiers of Fortune

The wonders of Italian art, literature, and weaponry were bestowed upon Conqueror's Blade when Season 3: Soldiers of Fortune stormed the battlefield. This season brought 5 additional units, auxiliary troops that can be recruited for a week free of charge, and the maul weapon class. 

During Season 3, we began seriously ramping up our territory war numbers and approach. We spent the preseason sparring with Blackshirts and Hussaria who taught us a few things we'll need moving forward. Aside from the occasional attack things have been progressing nicely. We became allies to some of our powerful neighbors to keep trade alive and well and have raced to improve Westweg and Mainstadt to rank 6. 

So far this season Nordtal hasn't been in the cards as our allies have taken turns occupying it, making it impossible for us to steal without breaking alliances. But we are patient people and will sit and wait for the opportunity to arise.


What's Next for Gaiscioch?

We will continue to grow our numbers, train new players, and help the community as a whole. Our goal is to create a corner of the world where players of all affiliation can come, harvest, quest, and enjoy the benefits of a community that isn't about domination, but one that stands for helpfulness and learning.  We won't ever be a conquering nation, but we will teach those within how to conquer. Prepare them for the wars to come and defend our land relentlessly. When new players look to the realm of Gaiscioch, they will know they can find the lowest taxes, friendliest people, and a welcoming area free of hostile forces. For the Gaiscioch are on watch and we stand to protect those looking for a helping hand.

If you're looking for a house that will help you prepare for the war to come join us by requesting to join Gaiscioch. We will help you unlock Heroic and Golden era units, teach you how to use them, and give you your first experiences in the Territory Wars. Learn more about our community at https://gsch.info/cb 

Published: June 22nd, 2020   |  12,449 Reads

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