How to survive your first hour in Rend

Asgard is burning. Midgard is shattered. Pieces of the once great world are fragments tethered by Yggdrasil's roots. The gods are dead and the only way to reach Valhalla is to prove yourself. You have come to this world weak and exposed, but so have the many great warriors before you. Attain the knowledge you need to persevere at your most vulnerable in Rend by Frostkeep Studios.

This guide applies to all factions since the landscape is very similar. While most of your gathering and crafting are done solo, helping out your fellow faction members and contributing to your stronghold will help you achieve Ascension (win the game). The fastest way to get to your faction’s homebase is by dying. Simply die then select to respawn at the Divinity Stone. Just remember, when you die, you drop everything and your corpse is lootable. If you would prefer not to die right away, read on.

You will spawn into your faction’s territory minimally clothed and unarmed. But don’t worry, you are a warrior and can punch things. Before you wander too far, look for a very large, glowing tree, this is Yggdrasil. Players of all factions consider Yggdrasil as north, because there is no map in Rend. Your faction’s homebase is in that direction, just past a small lake.

Being the warrior you are, now is a good time to start punching things. Bushes will give you raw fiber and the small trees will give you sticks. Refrain from punching animals this early, as they will kill you or run away to alert something that will kill you. Now that you have gathered some resources, use “C” to open your crafting menu. By default you will be in the Basic Survival crafting menu.

Start by making at least one Fiber Twine, then use some sticks to craft a Spirit Hatchet. Spirit tools will let you gather more resources and do not lose durability. The Spirit Hatchet can only be used to gather from trees and saplings and by left-clicking, you will gather sticks, sap, or branches. Right-clicking will cut logs.

So journey forth to gather some logs and Sticky Sap by right-clicking and left-clicking on trees with your Spirit Hatchet. This should give you the resources to craft the Spirit Mallet. The Spirit Mallet will let you gather resources from rocks. Left-clicking will yield stone and rarely gems, and right-clicking will give Flint. To switch between your Spirit tools use “Q” and select the tool you want on the radial menu. As you craft in Basic Survival more options will become available.

You may notice the red and blue bars on the lower left side of your screen are dropping. This is your hunger and thirst. The quickest, albeit least effective way to replenish both, is by punching and eating melons. Fortunately, once you unlock the Spirit Sickle and increase your skill in botany, your edibles yield will increase notably.

You should also be able to craft a bow if you want to hunt for food. Before you take on nature, make sure you have at least 20 arrows, a few Rough Fiber Bandages crafted, and know where the nearest campfire is. Use “E” to select your weapon. Without much gear, even the lowest level animals will be tough. Along with direct damage, some animals will inflict Flesh wounds or Deep wounds. ‘Flesh wounds’ has a duration and will heal over time, if you don’t die. ‘Deep wounds’ does not have a duration and will kill you if you do not use a bandage to stop the debuff.

Should you defeat your animal foe, you may claim your spoils. Use any Spirit tool to butcher the pitiful lifeless creature. Left-clicking will give meat and animal parts, right-clicking will give leather, fur, and trophies. Be aware that raw meat in your inventory will cause the debuff ‘Bloody Bag’ attracting nearby aggressive animals. Do not eat raw meat, you will get food poisoning that applies a stamina debuff. Find a campfire, cook yourself some steak, and enjoy.

Now that you have learned the basics, it is time to travel onward to your faction’s homebase, which should be in the general direction of the giant glowing tree. If you start to get hypothermia, you went too far.

It’s been my experiences that faction members are willing to help whenever possible. People are happy to answer questions and usually the homebase has upgraded equipment and armor for players to grab. Building and defending takes massive resources that even low levels can contribute. Rend is a complex and profoundly cooperative adventure. This guide is intended to help you with the very basics and does not even come close to covering a majority of content.

Published: September 26th, 2018   |  6,713 Reads

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