Guild Wars 2, Get Your Claws Into The Warclaw

ArenaNet is out to Cat-ch your attention with a brand new update to Guild Wars 2. All gleaming teeth and razor-sharp claws, let us introduce you to your brand new favorite mount, the Warclaw.

After the release of Guild Wars 2 Path of Fire, mounts made it into ArenaNet’s MMORPG in a big way. Now you can find Griffins trotting across Queensdale as often as Centaurs come galloping by. Seven ways to get around Guild Wars 2 are now available to Tyrians and the Warclaw is the latest in a line of new mounts to join the original Path of Fire roster. Just like the recent Roller Beetle addition, its reveal is a little unexpected. This unannounced feline predator drops just a week after the Feb 19th balance patch and adds a whole new way to get around the world. However, unlike the aforementioned racing bug, the Warclaw is a pedigree apart. Bred for war, the Warclaw is the first and only PvP mount in Guild Wars 2.

Available to players gearing up in World vs World or clashing swords in the Mists, The Warclaw is a beast that can dominate anywhere in Tyria but excels in World vs World Borderlands. Designed specifically to enhance existing World vs World Mechanics, this brand new mount comes with some intimidating armaments, including:

  •  Battle Maul – When diving into battle, your Warclaw will maul the enemy before disappearing into the Mist.
  • Chain Pull – The most advanced Warclaw trainers can use their mounts to help pull down gates.
  • Evade - Need to break through enemy lines? Your mount can use its stamina to gain a quick burst of speed and evade attacks.

The Warclaw is available from February 26th and is free to everybody that already owns Path of Fire. Full details on my purrfect new WvW transport can be found on the official blog post.

Published: February 19th, 2019   |  1,595 Reads

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