Path of Fire: Guide to Easy Mastery Insights in Elon Riverlands

New masteries, oh my!!! So far the easiest ones I have come across are in Elon Riverlands. If you have been following my path, you should have canyon jumping by now. So I’m adding a few more mastery insights that use the canyon jump in Elon Riverlands. Once you get a few of the waypoints in this area, it will be easy to travel to the mastery insights. Doing the hearts will always help your mount abilities, and make sure you look at your hero panel under mounts and change accordingly.

1) Hero’s Overlook

Mount your Base Springer for this one. From Augury’s Shadow Waypoint, head west below Augury Rock to the rock ledge. Jump up the rocks to the Mastery insight. There are breeze riders up there to fight.

2) Ossa’s Defeat

From Hero’s Overlook go far west on the road. Raptor Canyon jump is in the northwest corner. There is a lot to fight on the way in, so I suggest killing everything, then jumping over the ridge to the mastery.

3) Leviathan’s Gullet

Go back to Augury’s Shadow Waypoint and head west on your Base Skimmer. There are 3 POIs, a vista and a hero point to get on the way. The mastery insight is on the Quickmire, so stay on your Skimmer. There will be scarabs to fight when you get to the bones where the mastery insight is placed.

4) Sovereign Ridge

Hop on your base springer and canyon jump on raptor. From the last mastery go toward Olishar’s Oasis Camp Waypoint and head south through the Arid Gladefields. Jump up the rocks onto the flat. Turn right and fight the harpies, then get on your raptor and jump across to the mastery insight.

5) Shadows of Despair

From Skimmer Ranch Waypoint, skim south to Shallows of Despair. Move straight south to the ledge and hover up onto the outcrop. There is a path up to the mastery point. A hero point is directly west of the mastery. Glide off and get on your skimmer to get up on the ledge, and be ready for another fight for the hero point. There is the option of going a bit west first, up the ledge to get the hero point first and then go over east to the same outcrop for the mastery insight.

6) Pillars of Sovereignty

If you want to do a big battle, and get your diving goggles on, there is a mastery close by. From Skimmer Ranch Waypoint go southwest to the big rock. Run counter-clockwise up the rock. You will come to a beam that you need to run up. At the top there is a big boss. I haven’t figured out how to go on the outside of that area without getting hit by that boss. Find the closest edge to the mastery and glide over to the rock island. The mastery and the diving goggles are on that rock.

At this point, you should be well on your way to being able to get to the advanced mastery insights. As always, take your time, hear the stories. For the jackal you should be able to skim over to the area - in The Desolation, at Sand Jackal Run Waypoint. Fly on your skimmer east of the waypoint and move up the stairway next area over. There you borrow a jackal and work on the heart. You should receive the access to get said jackal when you talk to the heart person. For the griffon, finish the storyline. It will help to earn with more masteries, abilities and gold. There are still many areas to explore and mastery insights to earn. Take a friend along to enjoy each other’s company.

Published: May 1st, 2018   |  14,536 Reads

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