Guild Wars 2 Guide to Getting the Griffon: Your Way!

Earning your griffon is a personal experience that can proceed in so many different directions. You can get the eggs first and do hearts and events at the end or do each zone for their separate achievements.  By this time, if you have not earned your griffon, I suspect you are saying, “What the heck are you talking about!” At least, that is what I said! Well, here is an explanation of Gma’s feat of getting her griffon.

Starting out, there were a few things I needed to do first:

  1. Complete the Path of Fire Storyline
  2. Get my jackal Shifting Sands and/or springer High Vault abilities.
  3. Come up with a total of 250 gold, usually in 25 gold increments to complete all the areas needed.

Go to your hero panel (press H). Open Achievements and search for Open Skies. There you will find all the achievements needed for earning your griffon. I put all of mine on the achievement bar to the right on my screen. That way it is a click away to see what you need in each zone.

Getting to the Starting Point

This was a crazy run, but I wanted to know how to do this without porting to a friend. Start at Vehtendi Academy Waypoint move southeast to a jackal portal. If you don’t have the jackal, jump down and use high vault to make it to a bubble on the other side of the canyon. These bubbles are safe zones when you need to stop and look at your map. Once you are at the bubble, turn around and go to your right. Jump up all the ledges there. A warning - you have to be quick as you get hit by lightning and you will lose your health. Once you get to the top of the ledges you will see the area of the Last Spearmarshal across the canyon. Get off your springer and glide over. Once you get there, interact with the corpse and you will receive the Spearmarshal’s Plea to port back to this place. You will now be able to borrow a griffon. Being I wanted to fly and experience the griffon right away, I decided to complete the Open Skies Domain of Vabbi achievements first. I will note here that each time you find an egg you can borrow another griffon for that zone, but once you take the griffon egg, you will not be able to get another griffon in the same spot. The only place at that point to get a griffin is at the main roost for the zone you are in.  Each zone has its own roost.

Domain of Vabbi Achievements

Starting from the Remains of the Last Spearmarshal, mount a griffon and travel south to the feather on your minimap. First fly up the ledges and once on the top, you will see a structure across the way - Fly over to it, dismount the griffon and get on your springer. You will need high jump to make it.  Jump up until you get to the griffon roost - You will see this place a lot for this section, as it is the starting place needed to acquire the eggs.

The eggs to be found are the Warmed, Cracked, Polished, Ruddy, and Charged Vabbian Griffon Egg.

Warmed Vabbian Griffon Egg (at the roost)  

I borrowed a griffon and flew up the rocks to the south and over to the flat ledge across to the west. At that point, I got off my griffon and jumped up the rocks with my springer. Keep jumping on your springer to get up to the roost. You will become friends with this Roost every time you need to borrow a griffon. This will be a starting point multiple times for the next nest.

Cracked Vabbian Griffon Egg

Fly northwest from the Griffon Roost, going to the second outcrop from the left. Land on the ledge below the pillar and jump up with your springer to the top of the outcrop for the egg. You will get zapped when you land. Find the egg and head north to the next nest.

Polished Vabbian Griffon Egg Griffon

From the Cracked griffon egg spot, fly north towards the dome looking shadow. Once you get the egg port yourself back with your Spearmarshal’s Plea quickly as you will be struck by lightning. The other option if you want chests in the area, is to find another blue bubble below you for safety and then look at your map and port back with your Spearmarshal’s Plea.

Rubby Vabbian Griffon Egg

From the Griffon Roost, this time fly northwest toward Resplendent Trace for the next egg.  There is a high peak, so fly as high as you can and land on the purple peak. Again, you will get struck by lightning. If you fly south you can find the next egg, but I found it easier to just start back at the roost.

Charged Vabbian Griffon Egg

Fly west from the roost. This egg will appear on a purple outcrop crystal. Land, grab the egg and port back to the Last Spearmashal.

After this, you will have a few hearts to do and buy items from the heart individuals. What you need now is Yasfahr, the Rune of Sacrifice, Stone Carving Tools and a Guard Bribe. The first one of these is the toughest as you need to wait for the event to pop. The others are a matter of completing the heart.

Yasfahr, the Rune of Sacrifice

Go to Vehtendi’s Academy Waypoint and head to the library. There are library shelves and one is a door. If the door isn’t open you have to interact with the books around the library to open it. Once it is open, go in, you need to do the event to be able to get the Rune. While following First Spear Kitur, you protect him while he finds his armour and equipment. The final battle you fight your way down the tunnel. Be warned, to get there you have to dodge the moving blue bars at your feet and and above your head. I had trouble getting to the other end to fight the boss. Once all is done, you will receive the rune in your event rewards.

Stone Carving Tools

Move to the Vehijin Mine and complete the heart by reviving and killing awakened Corpse. Once done you can buy the stone carving tools from the heart person. This will cost you 25 gold.

Guard Bribe

Go to Vehtendi’s Academy Waypoint to help students in the academy with the heart. Go to the building center and move to each classroom. Interact with the podium and then answer the questions the students ask. One podium will spawn some foe to kill and that will help complete the heart. The bribe will cost you 25 gold.

One zone done! If you are out of gold and need to raise more, get the eggs in the next zone and do events around the areas. You will have your gold quickly by selling things you receive. Personally, I found the first one a bit stressful and have found I need to take a break between zones and do something different. Many grind through it and get done quickly. But Gma does it at a slower pace. She is now working on the next 2 zones.

Stay tuned for:

  • Griffon Guide: Crystal Oasis and Desert Highlands
  • Griffon Guide: Elon Riverlands and The Desolation
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