Guide to Becoming Notorious in Rift

Players in Rift will soon become aware of groups of NPCs that represent factions within the game. Players can gain affinity with these factions using a progression called Notoriety. Unlike some other games you can gain affinity with multiple factions with no penalty.

There are a lot of ways to gain notoriety in the game of Rift and way more factions to work on than some games I have played. Questing and killing certain mobs are the main ways to increase notoriety, but some notorieties can be increased by turning in items. This article is aimed at what to do with those items and the factions associated to them.

The first item is called Commendations of Renown, which can be turned in at any time in multiples of ten. You can have a max of 250 at any time on your character. These are acquired from Instant Adventure caches. Instant Adventures are a great way to level, but are also a great way to increase notoriety with a faction that accepts Commendations of Renown.

The other item currently in game for increasing your notoriety is called Mark of Notoriety. It is acquired by completing zone events around the world. These items are restricted to one turn in a day per NPC that accepts them. You can have a max of 50 at any time on your character. You will need five marks in exchange for the notoriety you would like to increase. In Prophecy of Ahnket, Marks of Notoriety are the only item that will help increase notoriety outside of questing and completing objectives.

As you increase your notoriety with a faction, you can unlock access to higher quality goods. Most of these items can only be found at the vendors associated to the faction.

Notoriety Progression:

  • Neutral
  • Friendly
  • Decorated
  • Honored
  • Revered
  • Glorified
  • Venerated

Many of the worthwhile items can be acquired by reaching Decorated. Your class and what you plan to do with your character should determine the notorieties to increase. I will note that for Prophecy of Ahnket factions everything at Decorated is good and the Planar Defense Force is the only faction notoriety you will want to increase beyond that. This could be subject to change in the future if Trion decides to add new items to the vendors.

Where Are the NPCs Accepting Commendations or Marks?

Each expansion has it own set of NPCs that will accept commendations or marks. NPCs that you can turn commendations or marks into will show on the minimap as a green circle with a white box in it.

Before I jump into listing all of their locations, I would like to quickly explain how to mark a location on the map for those that are new or needing a refresher upon returning to the game. You use one command as follows:

/setwaypoint x y - puts a marker on the map of the location. If you see location notes in any guide it will usually look like (x,y) or (x y) but not all guides will tell you this command. For example, Tacitus the Elder in Fargle Plaza can be found at (5476 5591). To put a waypoint on his location you would type in the command:

/setwaypoint 5476 5591

An X with an arrow to it should show up on your map and at least an X on the edge of your mini map if the location is not close to you. Make sure you have moved to the correct zone, in the case of Tacitus it is Draumheim, before typing in the command.

The following list is all of the NPCs from Vanilla Rift to the latest expansion of Prophecy of Ahnket that accept Commendations of Renown and Marks of Notoriety. Each is listed with the level of notoriety, money and XP that will be given. All money and XP values are the base amount, patrons will acquire an additional bonus amount.

Classic Rift

Found within the home cities, of Meridian and Sanctum

Defiants in Meridian

Optio Lyis
Located north of the Porticulum

  • Takes 10 Commendations of Renown for 1500 Notoriety
  • Also awards 31G 50s  6,720XP

Available Rewards

  • Freemarch Decree
  • Quarry Rats Decree
  • Red Scar Trackers Decree
  • Arcane Hand Decree
  • Order of Mathos Decree
  • The Keepers Decree
  • Granite Falls Decree
  • Icewatch Decree
  • Runeguard Decree
  • Dragonslayer Decree
  • Kelari Decree

Guardians in Sanctum

Sergeant Duecer
Located in the crafting area near the Master Artificer

  • Takes 10 Commendations of Renown for 1500 Notoriety
  • Also awards 31G 50s  6,720XP

Available Rewards

  • Quicksilver Scholars Decree
  • Gloamwood Waykeepers Decree
  • Quarry Rats Decree
  • Icewatch Decree
  • Iron Claw Trappers Decree
  • Runeguard Decree
  • Arcane Hand Decree
  • Dragonslayer Covenant Decree
  • Order of Mathos Decree
  • Farclan Decree
  • The Keepers Decree

Tempest Bay for Storm Legion

Tacitus the Elder
Plaza Aurentine at (13102 11516)

  • Takes 10 Commendations of Renown for 1250 Notoriety
  • Also awards 2P 55G  103,194XP

Nerina Uluan
Plaza Aurentine at (13132 11511)

  • Takes 5 Marks of Notoriety for 1250 Notoriety
  • Also awards 2P 55G  103,194XP

Available Rewards

(via both Commendations and Marks)

  • Eternal City Survivors Decree
  • Necropolis Decree
  • Empyreal Alliance Decree
  • Lycini Decree
  • Qaijiri Decree
  • Achyati Decree
  • Hailol Decree

Available Rewards

(via Marks only)

  • Torvan Hunters Decree

Nightmare Tide

Found within Draumheim

Tacitus the Elder
Flargle Plaza at (5476 5591) - Commendation

  • 15 Commendations of Renown for 650 Notoriety
  • Also awards 3P 83G 78S  103,194XP

Dispensary NPC
Next to Tacticus - Marks

  • 10 Marks of Notoriety for 650 Notoriety
  • Also awards 3P 83G 78S  103,194XP

Available Rewards

(via both Commendations and Marks)

  • Atragarian Decree
  • Onir Decree
  • Cerulean Rhenke
  • Shal Korva

Available Rewards

(via Marks only)

  • Manugo Decree
  • Ghar Decree
  • Pelagric Order Decree

 Alittu for Prophecy of Ahnket

No Commendations of Renown turn in for these factions

On the top floor at (4189 6458)

  • 5 Marks of Notoriety - there is no set number listed for the notoriety acquired. I have seen 968 in a chat message as a patron the last few times I handed marks in.
  • Also rewards 6P 66G 41S  2,969,400XP

Available Rewards

  • Bailghol Decree
  • Mages of Alittu Decree
  • Saint Taranis Decree
  • Feilbocan Decree
  • Planar Defence Force Decree
  • Thedeor’s Spear Decree

Faction Vendors

Every faction has at least one Quartermaster that offers a variety of items for sale. Your eligibility for purchasing items is based on your level of Notoriety with the faction the Quartermaster represents. The Quartermasters can be found throughout the world and not all of them are located in the main cities. Nor are they all labeled with a title of Quartermaster, though the majority are. The factions for the original game, will not be listed since their items do not go over level 50 and people quickly move on to the higher levels.

Storm Legion Quartermaster Locations

In Tempest Bay:

  • Caretaker Quartermaster - Purla Ilira - Canals (12674 11667)
  • Lycini Quartermaster - Chiela Forto - Canals (12782 11706)
  • Eternal City Survivors Quartermaster - Serrik Tavalon - Canals (12683 11608)
  • Qaijiri Quartermaster - Eelo - Canals (12662 11575)
  • Lycini Planar Goods - Kikilani Fremda - Plaza Aurentine (13120, 11517)
  • Torvan Hunters - Hunt Merchant - Cora Temarin - Plaza Aurentine (13126, 11523)
  • She is the only Hunt Merchant that has lures that require notoriety with the Torvan Hunters. The rest are based on achievements from completing hunt rifts.

In The Dendrome

(all are not far from the porticulum for each village/outpost):

  • In Hailol - Hailol Quartermaster - Mr. Boots (3919 5602)
  • In Solstice Tower - Empyreal Alliance Quartermaster - Elforsi Hologan (3135 5584)
  • Achyati Village - Quartermaster of the Profits (Achyati Notoriety) - Sesa Sikka (4166 4633)

In Seratos:

  • In Necropolis - Caretaker Quartermaster - Tarla Sevilla (10870 4957)

In Ashora:

  • In Nurjak Vostra - Qaijiri Quartermaster - Tovoh - (3593 8205)

Nightmare Tide Quartermaster Locations

In Gobboro Reef:

  • Atragarian Well - Atragarian Goods - Cora (2869 7022)
  • Temple of Ranri - Pelagic Order Planar Goods - Pelagic Order Store (3924 7883)
  • Ghar Station Mem - The Ghar Planar Goods - Deyazhad (3919 6495)
  • Ghar Station Mem - Manugo League Goods - Palash (3920 6473)

In Draumheim

- Flargle Plaza (all four next to each other at (5503 5569)

  • The Ghar Planar Goods - The Ghar Store
  • Pelagic Order Planar Goods - Pelagic Order Store
  • The Onir Goods - The Onir Store
  • Manugo League Goods - Manugo League Store

In Tarken Glacier

  • Ghar Station Tau - The Ghar Planar Goods - Equipment Fabrication Dispenser (3710 4002)
  • Port Scuddra - Cerulean Rhenke Goods - Gulpine (6589 4294)

Prophecy of Ahnket Quartermaster Locations

In Alittu on the top floor in various corners.

  • Mages of Alittu - Fierranzold (4176 6472) same corner as Blainey
  • Planar Defence Force - Lenora (4141 6348)
  • Feilbocan - Elchorn (4038 6387)
  • Saint Taranis - Bidbak (4027 6388)
  • Thedeor’s Spear - Aruday (4026 6382)
  • Bailghol - Jurro (4034 6379)

In Feilbocan in the Scatherran Forest

  • Feilbocan Quartermaster - Elchorn (4907 5770) - up on a ledge area across from the porticulum

In Saint Taranis in the Gedlo Badlands

  • Saint Taranis Quartermaster - Bidbak (3601 6466) - you will be facing him when you arrive at the porticulum

In Bailghol of Xarth Mire

  • Bailghol Quartermaster - Froki (4249 3911) - he is the only merchant in this village

In Camp Quagmire of Xarthmire

- take light blue glowing portal to the Skull (4188 4502)

  • Mages of Alittu Special Quartermaster - Evora

In Thedeor’s Spear in Ashenfell

  • Thedeor’s Spear Quartermaster - Aruday (2641 4275) - in a tent not far from the porticulum


This article was made to compile information in one place and to help you understand what to do with Commendations of Renown and Marks of Notoriety as requested by players of Gaiscioch starting or returning to the game. I would like to thank the members of Gaiscioch that helped me find and confirm the information gathered.

May this effort help you find your way to becoming notorious in Rift.

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