Getting Magical with Citadel: Forged with Fire

Getting Started in Citadel:

When you first enter Citadel: Forged with Fire you will be greeted with a sight that may leave you feeling a little crispy.  You have just been dunked in lava, or born from lava, or maybe dipped your arms in lava. The truth isn’t really clear, and there’s nothing yet to tell us that story. Hopefully someday the wonderful folks over at Blue Isle Studios will do so!

Your first steps will take you through a small fortress, when said immolation occurred. You will find yourself in a room full of flowing lava and platforms above it, but the ground seems steady and you will not have to worry about re-immersing yourself. Instead find your way out into the courtyard area, and look around. There are some blue stones nearby which will help explain the basic controls to you. All those controls are the same window with tabs, so you can always just click to change tabs.

You likely have now discovered the fortress you bubbled out of, and that you gained some experience from that new understanding of this world. Wonderful! This is your first quest, to gather enough experience to level up. To do that, start wandering aimlessly (or with intent) and gathering the items strewn across the ground. Flowers, Mushrooms, and stone are good. Wood and magical crystals are essential. With these, one you have gathered enough experience to reach the next level you can progress.

By now, you have likely seen the various other inhabitants of the world. Some of them are rather unfriendly. It would be best to be able to defend yourself. To that end, the knowledge trees are important to you. You can select any of the four weapons, or unlock multiple types if you wish. For now, select one of them, and then change to the spells tab. You will want the attack spell that matches your weapon! Choose wisely. Alternatively, the independent attack spell mana blast could work well with a melee weapon.

Before you go running off to strike fear into the hearts of those wicked pixies you have one final step to getting your weapon ready to use. You haven’t bound your spells to it yet. Sure, you can hit foes with the weapon anyway, but your damage output will be lower and if you chose a ranged weapon you’ll lose that range advantage. You won’t, however, spend mana doing so, which makes it a decent emergency backup option to have a weapon with an unbound spell slot. To bind your spells to your weapon, visit the spellbook. Drag a spell to one of the two weapon slots, or to the mouse icons. This will assign that spell to that weapon using that control to fire. You can swap the bound spells when not in combat, and you can swap weapons freely.

Finding your bearings:

Now that you have yourself set up with the basics, it is time to figure out what exactly you want to do. Open that map up! There’s a few options before you, and your own preferences will lead you through the next steps.

Let’s look at those icons. They will guide you to various sources of adventure, or warn you of dangers that might make setting down your home far less feasible. I won’t cover all of them, since the game tells you what they are when scrolled over in the map. Instead, let me cover a few that may come in extra handy in your travels.

We have the treasure chest, which has a chest icon of course! These guys have something in them that you can claim, if nobody else has. They reset every so often, so checking now and again won’t hurt. If you manage to build a home near some, you can try to make them part of your hoard. However, this may make some conflict with other players, and on a PvP server they can start demolishing your home. It might be best to consider carefully whether the notoriety is worth the reward.

There are also arches which indicate a cave, where you can find treasures. These are usually full of dangerous foes. Caution is a good idea, but they can be very rewarding to those prepared for the trials within.

Skulls indicate acidic pools. They are deadly. Be very careful around them, as a little contact will quickly drain your health. Another danger is the sword, where powerful foes tend to gather. They are a good source of adventure, challenge, and experience if you are ready. If you are not they are a quick trip to the grave.

The last map icon to consider right now is the tower with an orb on top. These are quick travel points, allowing you to teleport between them once you have unlocked at least two. To unlock them, travel to the top of the tower and activate the orb for the first time. Once done, you can activate that orb to travel to any other tower you have unlocked.

Settling down:

Once you have learned to build something in the structures portion of the knowledge tree, you can decide to settle down and place a home. The building system allows you to place the various parts freely in the world. This could also be used for things like making a stairway to a place you can’t reach before you have a broom, or if you wish to save mana.

Each item built has a cost associated with it. If you have flooring that is elevated it will require supports. You can build them yourself, or in many cases the system will automatically have some attached for you. This does increase the resource cost of buildings. The resources needed are already a bit of work, but there’s plenty of them around.

One of the things to note is that doors require a wall to place them in. Without knowing this it might appear that there is no way to set down a door to your new home! Simply build your walls, then place the door, and it will retrofit your wall into an entryway!  Another important item is the throne, which claims the property as yours. The throne, along with other important objects, is found under the magic tab.

If you make a mistake, don’t worry too much. The last selection in the build menu is a deletion function. You can use this to reclaim a few resources as you remove that blemish on your beautiful new abode.

By now any builders out there are very tired of trying to scrounge up sticks. That would take forever and a day to build a little hut! Thankfully there’s a fix to that. At level 5 you can select the ‘Extraction’ spell and bind it to a weapon. This wonderful tool allows you to gather from large objects in the world, such as trees and boulders. It is also the only way to gain some materials, such as precious stones from ore nodes.

Using extract to gather materials should be much faster, although you will also gather things you might not have intended to. There is a storage chest in the structures tab, and having one will allow you to save up these materials for things you will want later.

Closing tips:

  1. If you are ever having problems finding something for an item, look at it in your crafting menu. This will usually tell you where to find the item. If you still aren’t finding it, look for something new to extract from.

  2. Flying once unlocked takes a lot of mana. Ensure you have a stock of potions to recharge your reserves!  Flight is fast and efficient for exploring once you do.

  3. At level 10 you can form a wizarding house, and gather together with friends in a joint effort. This should turn your home into a guildhall, allowing everyone to work and live together.

  4. Potions are an excellent knowledge to gain at level 3, they are far better than the herbs alone.

  5. You can only equip one trinket at a time, swap them based on your needs.

For more information you can find Citadel: Forged with Fire on Steam, or visit them at

Published: July 26th, 2017   |  13,737 Reads

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