A Deadsoul's Crying

I once fell into darkness
Never again I've seen the light
I became blind 'cause of the sadness
Even the moon no more was bright

I lost my faith in the world around
No more believe in human kind
Sick of all the pain I've got
Just for trying to hang around

Can someone just tell me
Why I've been crying every day
What I've done wrong to feel this pain inside
Just hurt me more day after day

Why no one wants to tell me
Just wanna know where I belong
Seems I don't have my place down here
So why should I stay any longer

As the sun goes down day after day
I ask myself why should I stay
I've been searching for so many answers
But seems still no one can say
And now, what else to say
I just can't stay

Would be so much easier for me
Just to give up and end my days
To take away the pain I have deep down inside
I just don't know what else to say
I can't even think of any of the reasons
That made me stay until today
But now, no more time to play
Time to decide, to leave or stay


Author's note: I often turn to writing as an outlet to express myself. I wrote this song during a particularly difficult time in my life, to express out loud what I was feeling and thinking deep down inside.

Published: November 5th, 2015   |  3,123 Reads

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